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But It Keeps On Lingering...

.... previous Looking at an empty space... Karla made a sudden remark. "Can you excuse me for a while?" She went to the diner's restroom to liven up. She was physically with them but her mind seemed to fly at a distance. She came back and the last ordered food was served. Father Reily's presence somehow brought buoyancy to the atmosphere. He never run out of jokes. He would always mesmerize his audience with great sense of humor. Karla smiled though a little hesitant but it really made Mama Gee much glad to see those dimples again. "I thought I would be staying at your house Gee once I arrived from Sydney but I was invited by Edgar Montenegro to spent a week in their hometown in Pampanga. As I've told you in my last email, I met him during the World Youth Day. He'll be going back to Australia next month with his youngest son, Greg." Father Reily was so pleased to tell that story because he wanted to introduce Greg to Karla. The

Triple Eight - The Most Awaited Date, Now a History

August 8, 2008 A date which corresponds to a number: triple 8 or 888. The original language of the Bible's New Testament is Greek and this number match a significant name; J E S U S Whereas, Numerologists often view "8" as the lucky number of money and power. Numeral 8 represents blessings of prosperity and good fortune times 3. The Chinese picked August 8, 2008 as the date of the 29th Summer Olympics because it was considered the luckiest date in 100 years. For couples, it means eternity. Their lives are intertwined like the two rings in number 8 that symbolizes infinity. The date also awaits the cries of the newborn babies as many Caesarian patients chose to give birth on this day. Xander Riniker, surrounded by sister Chloe Shumacher, 11, and father Chad Riniker, was born at 8:08 a.m. on August 8, 2008 and weighs 8 pounds, 8 ounces. In truth number 8 is better acknowledged as the "great