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Health Check, Lab Results -Normal

Dr. Santos gave me a request for laboratory exams in order to pin-point the cause of my high blood pressure. Being a good patient who follows the doctor's instruction this time, I had those tests done last August 5 at Alfonso Clinic. Of course with the kind support of my hubby who was then on one day leave of absence. Actually, the first time he advised me to have those tests was last April but I was reluctant though for some reasons, it took me 4 months before I came to my senses... I am not getting any younger. I am so thankful to see the results of my lab tests. Everything falls under normal range. I'll be so glad to let Doc Ronald interpret the results for me when I see him again for a follow up check up. He still has to identify the cause of my hypertension. It may not be triggered by smoking (though I used to) or drinking alcohol. I am not obese either or a metabolic person. It may be more of a family history.