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Asymptomatic Hypertension - A Quiet Killer

Source We usually do our grocery shopping twice a month or once every two weeks. If we run out of laundry soap and shampoo, that's the time when the rest of our supplies will have to be replenished already. Our target destination was South Supermarket along E. Rodriguez Avenue. We made our grocery shopping first before bringing my sister-in-law to their house at Summer Homes where she will be staying after moving out from a boarding house in Manila. She too joined us for grocery shopping to reload some stocks in the house. My husband and I preferred South Supermarket because it has every item in our list unlike other superstores with incomplete or out of stock merchandise. Then it's time to pay. I was quite surprised with the amount registered in the receipt. Nearly 30% had been added to our usual bill. We have some items bought which were not included in our previous list that might caused the amount to be higher but my mind just accepted the reality that