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Dinner Full of Oyster

The weather was quite unpleasant though it brought a brief but hard rainfall, the atmosphere was just conducive to staying in bed and having a full massage at the back... hmmmmmm, it sounded like an intimate meeting would have planned beforehand. Well, the scheduled dinner pushed through but in the absence of two; Pye and Kurt. When it comes to food or eating escapades, the latter is quite uninterested so the former who has had a very irrepressible appetite before (not much now?), couldn't do anything but to join his son at home while, the rest of us took our dinner out at Oyster Boy . It was only past 6pm and most likely, we were the first to enter in for a dinner indulgence offered to us by no less than the "balikbahay boy" Ddel ( the one in blue-green shirt with a lot of green and blue bills on his wallet?). We ordered: Sinuglaw, Sinigang na Bangus Belly, Grilled Oyster with Cheese and Garlic and a taste of Rockefeller, Kilawin Oyster, Grilled Blue Ma

Long Time No See, No Hear, No Chikka

The Tres Marias and the Anave sisters practically grew up together. Our childhood mostly evolved in playing Millionaire's Game during summer vacation at Anave's porch. We usually start the game after lunch and ended it late in the afternoon. While in their laundry area with a "poso" at one side, we really enjoyed bathing out with our own "batya" full of water and making "sisid" (soaking our heads into the water and holding our breath until one of us gave up). We called our group then as "Zid-Vat" short for sisid-batya. Dancing was also one of our diversion. In fact, we choreographed our own interpretation of "Street Beat" . The BaƱadera siblings occasionally join us for some classy leisure activities like holding a mini beauty pageant and having costume party during Halloween. Our favorite venue... where else but, the Anave's library. Came our teenage years and we still found time to get together alth