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But It Keeps On Lingering...

....previous A young warrior gazed into Karla's eyes. That fresh look in his face triggered her wildest imagination. Beneath such youthful glow rested an armor of sensitivity and innocence. As the cool breeze touched her skin, she wandered... chasing fantasy in its most endearing boundaries. Desired to be cuddled by the appealing softness of his hands while she cradled him with an air of mystery. The game progressed and a long shot destructed her attention. Cheerers applauded graciously. Karla halted... revived her thoughts. A certain image kept flashing back... disturbing her every single moment. It's like a silhouette that never leave her sight... Like a gem so precious... Like a gold that never fades... Like a circle without an end. Then she felt that her legs were numbed. She slowly opened her bulging eyes due to unstoppable grieving. It was only a dream. A reverie of her subconscious mind beaten up by the punishing whip of yesterday... captured by delusi