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But It Keeps On Lingering...

....previous After nearly 2 hours of being submerged into the stream of foamy water, Dane applied moisturizer to her skin and put make up on. She mastered her day and night facial transformation and she practically knew what she would wear for a specific wardrobe. She put on a low cut bust and bi level bottom hem with an animal print that brought all the attention to the right places and accentuated her curves along with a dark, rinsed denim stretch. It's a boot-cut jean fitting close and comfortable through the seat and thigh. A black sexy strappy high heel platform stilettos completed her attire that morning. She grabbed her black Vuitton XL Mahina bag and searched for her keys and walked off her condo unit at 22nd floor of Avida Tower 1, rushed to the elevator going to 2nd floor where her classic silver RAV4 was parked. She couldn't be late for her lunch date in Kuya Boy's place. It was roughly 12 noon already. After almost an hour of exhaustion because of