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But It Keeps On Lingering...

....previous Daniella Erika Marasigan , dotingly called Dane has a high visible stigma that made her standout most of the time but her physical attributes has never been a hinder in living her life to the fullest and in whatever ways she most desired. Nothing would prevent her from obtaining the life she most deserved. She's two times her best friend's weight but much taller yet regardless of her size, she would always make Karla chuckle with her crazy jokes. No wonder, she became the most talked about stand-up comedienne in the country. She's fashionable and has always been fascinated with the newest and latest trend. Her short and naturally wavy hair were colored with a dark brunette hue and highlighted with a golden-brown accent. She has a flawlessly fair skin that complimented her sophistication and unique sexiness. She has a face much like Drew Barrymore but with the double chin. In morning of August 18, 2005 she received an email from her father, Dr. Co