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But It Keeps On Lingering...

....previous Karla was up almost 24 hours already. Her round hazel eyes were as gloomy as if she has not gotten any sleep for a week. It was 2am and she's still wide awake. She opened her laptop again and signed in. Few of her friends were online but she opted to stay invisible. She left an offline message to Jon saying: "I know it will take a while but the pain is unbearable and it haunts me every night. I just hope you're having a great time with your family back there at Oregon. ... as always JKtofo" As she typed those words, tears just ran down her cheeks. She took a deep moaning breath and slowly picked up the broken pieces of that picture frame placed on top of her bed-side table... holding it with her hands shaking uncontrollably... staring at a portrait of two hands clutched firmly together wearing silver bond rings in their thumbs. Suddenly her mobile phone beeped and she read the text message. It was only Dane, her best friend since grade