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A Simple Scuffle

My asthma is getting back again. The cream I bought just the other day is almost half consumed. Maybe due to some household worries. Being a full time housewife is really a nerve-racking career... It's a 24/7 job that can elevate blood pressure, cause so much headache and oftentimes can bring me a lot of itchy rushes all over my body. What an unpleasant birthright! My two kids had a small fight before going to school. The culprit was a spray of "febreze" that accidentally got into KD's eye. Ate Aya apologized but the former wouldn't accept it. He acted like crazy and wanted to get even, so it's time for "Mama" to butt-in and end the scuffle. Thank GOD! I have an elongated patience... as in I have to possess the virtue of it. The school service arrived and Kuya Butch hurried up to get their things unaware of what happened. Although the incident brought tears to their eyes, th