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From Luyong to Icebergs

A time to get together... to take a break from a week long hassles of house chores and stressful office works. A time to celebrate Carl's birthday and it's his treat. We had dinner in "Luyong". Actually, Mom wanted to try their special "lechong kawali" because it has been featured in one of the episodes of "Boy & Kris" but her taste buds seemed to underrate its savor. Her own version of the recipe is much simpler... the skin much crispier but more scrumptious, mouth-watering and most of all, "very exclusive". It's for her family's delight only. The rest of the food like sweet and sour fish fillet, pancit canton (for long life) and camaron rebosado were just fine. Hototay soup was ok. Our overall evaluation: The food was lacking in good taste. After the not so satisfying dinner, the kids were craving for an enjoyable and refreshing dessert. So from Marikina, we headed to Icebergs in Metrowalk. These pict