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Nature's Call for Help

North Pole may be ice-free for the first time (Associated Press ; msnbc) WASHINGTON - There’s a 50-50 chance that the North Pole will be ice-free this summer, which would be a first in recorded history, a leading ice scientist says. The weather and ocean conditions in the next couple of weeks will determine how much of the sea ice will melt, and early signs are not good, said Mark Serreze. He’s a senior researcher at the National Snow and Ice Data Center and the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo. The chances for a total meltdown at the pole are higher than ever because the layer of ice coating the sea is thinner than ever, he said. News from around the world are alarming these days especially with regards to the most vigorously debated topic on Earth, the issue of climate change or the so called "Global Warming" It has been the center of research of most countries and the development of technology to fight it is their utmost concern. Antarctic