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Bringing Sexy Back

Why can't we see our own back? Simply because we have only our eyes to see our hands and fingers... our legs and thighs... our knees and toes... our chest and tummy... even our bellybutton. And only a mirror can help you see the reflection of your back. Or grab a camera and let somebody take a picture of it. LIKE THESE: Why back? It's quite awkward to take your back as a subject of photography. But not this one. It's an art. CREDITS Countless ways to describe ones back but nothing is so significant about it... Just be careful for anybody may hit you behind your B A C K CREDITS As we drove along the intersection of C5-Kalayaan heading to Global City, a gray Revo caught our attention and I suddenly thought of taking a picture of its back with a scribbled message yearning to be heard... silently screaming out for a quick sponge down. Care for a CARWASH?