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There's No "GOLD" at the End of the Rainbow

For almost fifteen years, I chose to serve a company that I thought would give me the "best" in life but the best never came and I was left with no other option but to leave the job I have learned to love. I was hopeful that things would get better but the company's vision to regain its stability was a failure. Time took its course. "What is meant to happen... So it shall be done." To alleviate the burden of insolvency, rehabilitation was the last resort. A corporation that used to be on top, now has been hit by a big blow. Gone are the days of blissful operations. The people who once became part of a huge family, now have been separated without any hint for rightful claims... There's nothing left but empty pockets. But that was it. I am accountable for the decisions I made in my life. That was the choice I preferred and it was unfortunate that I found nothing more precious than gold... yet I gained remarkable experiences and most cherished fri