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No Secrets, Just Fate

Now see them after more than 40 years and still counting...
Two people bound to share life together, forever.

I have heard a lot of stories about relationships and I too agree that there are no secrets to a successful marriage but there are some aspects that will help battle marital problems and maintain a lasting union… make each moment truly meaningful.

According to R. Morgan Griffin featured in WebMD, there are 10 Secrets to a Better Love Life.

• Rekindle the spark in your romance
• Get away from home
• Try a style makeover
• Explore your fantasies
• Ask your partner the same question
• Try something new
• Seek help for problems
• Take your time
• Don’t worry about everyone else
• Make an effort

I believe that these suggestions coming from the experts may in one way or another put marriage in the right track but I know that there are some people who will have the same opinion as mine that the basis of a long-term relationship depends on how partners relate to each other… In our s…