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Heaven Welcomes Another Angel

I was browsing the internet and I came across a site which I thought was the right one to give me information about the meaning of flowers. I planned to write a blog presenting a variety of flowers and their meanings and so I clicked the 6th link on the list: The Meaning of Flowers/A Filipina Mom Blogger and "Oh My God!" I never expected that I would stay for, not just a while but I spent hours watching the videos and reading some of the author's posts. I was teary-eyed and emotional upon learning that the site I've accidentally gone through will touch my heart and spirit.

Her story started with a deep mourning... a struggle for strength to overcome pain... a journey of grief and sorrow and her survival from the most unbearable loss of a beloved son.

Luijoe at the zoo

Last photo of Luijoe before he died

The swimming pool where he met his final destination

His resting place at Loyola Memorial Park

Ms. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado said in her blog entitled: Touched by An Angel
"I still remember that last day, May 27, 2000 in our hotel room at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort . It was right after we had breakfast getting ready for our glass-bottom boat ride. The video of “Be with you” by Enrique Iglesias was blaring on TV. Luijoe’s sisters shrieked ewwww mom except Luijoe and myself. They chided me for being so cheesy but Luijoe sat beside me and said you like that mama and I said yes. He said I like it too. Then we both watched it together.
That song is meant to be a love song but I can’t help thinking about the lyrics because it was the last song we listened together. The lyrics spoke so much of my indescribable grief and so, hearing the song always teared me to bits.
"And now that you’re gone,
I just wanna be with you.
(Be with you)
And I can’t go on, I wanna be with you.
(Be with you)
Wanna be with you."
Miserable, depressed and inconsolable. Today, it’s different. The pain is not as searing as it once was.
In memory of Luijoe’s 8th death anniversary, I compiled the photos of Luijoe’s last few hours at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort with “Be With You” as the background music."

I can hardly imagine how difficult it was for her to cope with her son's early demise. The tragedy that struck her family more than eight years back has been a haunting nightmare but she is able to let go of the negative memories of that fateful day and still trying to heal the wounds it has caused.

Because of this experience, Noemi gained sympathy not only from Kababayans in the Philippines but touched many people's lives through out the world. She even appeared in some TV programs like: MomWorks, Proudly Filipina, Kapuso Mo-Jessica Soho and Ali's talk show sharing her family's terrible ordeal.

She was even awarded the Best Website, Blog Category in the 9th Philippine Web Awards on December 7, 2006 and more awards in her name.

Another angel has flown to heaven
with a ready heart so young.
He lived a life too short
but left a long lasting mark.
He now rested far above the skies
looking down and waiting
his beloved ones to reunite
in the hands of GOD.

(Photos are not mine)


  1. losing a loved one is very painful and in this case a son so young and could have a bright future ahead of him.


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