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Craving for Chocolate Mousse

Everyday for me now is like I'm in a "twilight zone" and I can hardly decide what food to eat or what odor really makes me lose my appetite. I have morning sickness and my stomach feels like empty but full. Once I get up in bed, I sense something bubbling inside my belly and it causes me to throw up. I'm always like this. During my first trimester, I took leave of absence from office just to have a complete rest and now that I'm free from any employer and my boss now is of course, willing and able to take control of everything. He's so excited with the coming baby as much as our two kids.

Chocolate Mousse
A bed of rich chocolate pound cake, topped with delicious cream-based mousse and chocolate chips for a treat like no other.

Well, I craved for a "chocolate mousse" from Red Ribbon and my sister Mahlen ordered one through their hotline for a free delivery. It took almost an hour for the cake to arrive because Pasig Branch runout of stock of choco mousse so they waited for the stocks to come. As soon as the cake has reached my Mom's house, Mahlen sliced it and I got one for myself. I finished it off but afterwards, I found myself vomiting in my Mom's comfort room.

Why did I vomit after eating my most desired food? Well, these somehow explain it all:

  1. The vomiting is caused by a combination of chemical changes my body is going through
  2. My rapidly increasing estrogen and progesterone levels
  3. Enhanced sense of smell and stomach acids
  4. Builup of HCG. It is produced after implantation takes place and continues to increase until about the 12th week of pregnancy, at which point the levels of HCG starts to decrease, this is when morning sickness symptoms will start to decrease as well.

I may be experiencing these more intensely for the following days or weeks. But I know I can handle these changes as much as I got through with the anxieties during my previous conceptions.


  1. Hhhmm...sarap naman ng mousse :)

  2. You certainly have my sympathy. Best of luck.
    Linda Blondheim


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