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Why Blogging?

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After almost 15 years of idyllic yet a little obnoxious stint in an office environment, I found myself in front of our computer most of the time because of my newly discovered world: the blogosphere. Well defined as the "world of blogs" or a collective whole of all the blogs in the Internet.

I started blogging last May of this year and I am truly delighted with this experience. Firstly, writing is my passion though I considered myself not that professional like a novelist or lyricist, playwright or journalist. I just know how to write but I'm not any "master" of this academe. Secondly, through writing, I can convey what goes in my mind and put them in words. Thirdly, I can freely express my innermost feelings about what I see, what I hear, taste and even the most aromatic scent that can touch my sensitivity.

Mye Domain will be turning six months this coming November and I am in fact very grateful for my family for being so supportive of me. This is what makes me, being me.

When I quit working. I thought I can land on a job easily and quickly as I may seem it would be. I registered an account to JobStreet.com and JobsDB.com but after a series of interviews and exams (essay type), I seek opportunities to no avail. Either I am over-qualified for the position or yet, the available slot has a number of more eligible candidates. Age limit may also a factor of declining my credentials. BPOs or Business Process Outsourcing companies are predominant in the Philippines but working on a call center is beyond my capacities because of its nature and the stressful graveyard shifting.

Making both ends meet is difficult this days especially the existing issue regarding Global Oil Crisis that causes significant decline in economic condition of most countries in the world. My husband, being the sole bread-winner this time, has dramatically affect our financial status though we have our school service business, I still get short of budget. We have our two kids in primary and secondary schools to take care of and tuition fees are increasing every year.

Why blogging? Well, it somehow lightens up my loads and the thinning possibility for a job opportunity may not bring constant disappointments for me. I feel some kind of peace and contentment when I write and through blogging, I come to meet new friends and fresh ideas. I only have gone to some places in the Philippines. Actually, I have not visited any country yet, but through this internet connection and having joined the blogger family, I learned more things... seen people and places... just clicking a button and the farthest location in the map opens up for me.


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