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Traffic in the Internet

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Millions of web sites are made available for public view and taking a minute or just a glimpse of any of those existing pages in the Internet create ranking. The most popular and visited site is the "cream of the crop" while millions of others require a diversity of techniques in order to increase web traffic.

It is simply the statistics gathered from a particular site as to the quantity of visitors and page visits made for a given period.

  • Its Importance : Web site traffic is a major factor in determining whether a site can generate income or feasible for online business. Like in TV ratings, the higher the rating, the more advertisers and sponsors will generate income for the TV program.
  • Its Data Monitoring : Types of information being considered in measuring popularity of web sites and evaluate the data collated to establish traffic rating as to the total Internet usage. Such figures for analysis are: 
The number of visitors
The number of page views per visitor
Average visit duration
Average page duration
Domain classes
Busy times
Most requested pages
Most requested entry pages
Most requested exit pages
Top paths
  • How to Increase Web Traffic : Finding sites is as easy as one click of a button. There's a huge possibility for a certain page to generate and boost traffic by registering site to search engines. Very few people go past the first page and the fraction that go to subsequent pages is lower so proper placement on search engines is critical. Advertising is also a great tool to gain higher popularity. Webrings, free e-books and building link recognition definitely contribute elevated statistics.
  • Traffic Overload : It's an overwhelming instant for a site to burst a sudden and unexpected mass increase of traffic. These sites are being forced to close or have to be taken offline until different arrangements are made to cope with the traffic.


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