To The One I Dearly Love

never have i cared for someone
as much as i have cared for you
so never will i give you up.
... through thick and thin, i'm here to stay.

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never in my life i have felt
this strength of feelings
as much as i have felt when you're around.
... through joy and pain, i'll stick with you.

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never in my dreams
i pictured you
but when you came along
... i woke up to face reality.

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never have i thought,
i would take the risk of forgetting someone
i used to love before
but when i've known you
... i feel no pain of my yesterday.

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never have i imagined myself
with somebody like your kind.
... yet every moment we've spent together
leaves a mark in my heart.


  1. There are people who comes and really balances the bitter past and make things right.

  2. I admire you for being so expressive of your emotions towards your love one. I wonder how he reacts coz i think if I'd do this for my husband, he would just keep it to him whatever he's feeling at that moment. :)

  3. People and things come and go :) What is important are the indelible marks they leave in our lives.


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