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A Dream To Last


twice i've tried to seek for love
but neither i succeed.
i've loved and cared for once
and for only once i did.
the chance i never had
to catch a sight of view
for a thing along the path
had blocked my way to you.

so true a love that bloomed
on a land with a heart unsure
can find no gleam of light
but a room too shadowed and obscure.
the pain of truth, i feared to face
but the wheel of life shall live to chase.

what you sense today
doesn't mean tomorrow.
more fancy dreams are yet to follow.
it's only time can fill the gap
of two adjacent roads
that fell apart.

after an eye had shed a tear
no trace was left for me to cheer
but an old swain gave a life anew
then vowed unfailing words of hue.

i clutched the luck, begun to sham
despite the truth i gave no damn.
forced myself to carry on
and took the risk to oblivion.

the more i tried to work it out
the harder it was to turn about
no matter how much the love had shown
this heart of mine couldn't just bestowed.

i woke up then and i realized
that using him wasn't the right disguise
there's no other way to right a wrong
but to be certain and strong.

two in a row, i toiled in vain.
yet not a thorn to start again
i'll search, i'll quest, i'll even cast
so long the time allows this dream to last.



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