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But It Keeps On Lingering...

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Morning of May 15 of 2006:

"Yeah. We'll meet at exactly 10am, hotel's lobby. Sure. Bye Uncle."

Dane dropped her cellphone after talking to her Uncle Resty about his offer to Karla. She will be featured on Filipinas, a well known magazine being circulated in the whole of US. Uncle Resty was a freelance writer of the said magazine and he wanted Karla's portrait be his subject: The Shape of the New Future Filipina. Her looks was stunning and her image somehow captivated the creative mind of Mr. Restituto Marasigan.

"Are you having second thoughts, Karla? Just tell me. Maybe, Uncle Resty will understand if you don't feel like taking the photo shoot. There you go again, Kaye. Having those insecurities will not help you. Look at yourself in the mirror! You're such an amazing woman... so beautiful and fresh. Don't be naive, Kaye. Bring out that confidence! Strike a pose like this."

Dane was starting to look like a jolly clown in front of Karla. Teasing her... persuading her to say yes.

"Is that a yes? I saw those dimples. I knew it! You can't say no to me." Dane gave her friend a big hug.

"Let me see, which dress will suit you the best. This one? NO no no. I like this one. It's better on you." She put aside three of the nicest wardrobe in Karla's closet and placed them on a medium-sized suitcase.

"Well then, everything's ready so, let's go."

Karla was in a perfect white halter tea-length dress with pintucking ruffles and eyelet ribbon accents. She looks so enchanting.

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