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But It Keeps On Lingering...

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Jon suddenly woke through his sleep. Only three hours ago, he's reading the book inside the mini box and now as he opened his eyes, the only thing in his mind was to get hold of it again and continue scanning each page. Having that journal in his custody was a great relief for him yet he knew that it's a huge loss to the rightful owner. He read the next entry and it said:

"Dreaming for me is a hard habit to break. I spent all my life dreaming with someone who will love me more than anything... who will always stay beside me everytime I need him... protect me from being harmed... who will fight for me when danger comes... comfort me when lonesome fills my heart... show me the way when I am lost... who will open his arms to warm me, hold me with much tenderness... give me much love, passion and bring me to the world of ecstasy. Love and nothing more but love will prevail."

He was trembling inside. He felt a rush of warm blood flowing into his every vein trying to find a way out of his system. His body was blazing in fury and his heart throbbed like a fighter without a foe. He could smell the fragrance of her beauty and the softness of her silky hair caressing his whole being. He closed his eyes and dug into his innermost.

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