But It Keeps On Lingering...

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The two felt increasingly fagged after that memorable event but before they could enter their new room, Dane seemed to forget something. She was about to press the door keypad but... Oh well! She almost fell off her shoes. She's always like that when intoxicated and who else would take care and help her? Nobody, but her ever reliable bestfriend who's having a headache not because of drinking too much but because she was mentally confused.

It was nearly quarter to 2am when they got in. They both took a quick bath to release any tension on their body. Dane was overly drunk but was able to manage a change for a comfortable nightwear while Karla unpacked her cases... until she gave up. Her search was over.

She got her laptop and logged on to her site. She started to account this day's untoward occurrences and those pleasing incidents as well. But then, she's having second thoughts of adding this entry to her post. This time, she needed to get hold of a tome replacement.

"Today was such an overwhelming welcome of new faces. Tomorrow will be another day but my life has been unfolded by some stranger's eyes that may peel off my entirety."

Karla knew that it was just a journal and its disappearance would do no harm to her except for some confidentiality that was written, for her eyes only.

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