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But It Keeps On Lingering...

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After that quick transfer, Dane and Karla returned to Bellmont Ballroom. They would probably do their unpacking jobs later. The program was about to close and the reunion of two prominent names were busy taking souvenir photographs. Cameras clicking there... video cams were everywhere documenting that notable event that captured an evening full of laughters and tears of joy. Dane introduced Karla to her relatives while Dr. Marasigan took a glass of champagne and made a toast to the crowd then threw a loud remark.

"Here's to a long lasting and fruitful life ahead of us. I just want you to know how grateful I am to see all of you. Just enjoy the rest of the night especially the youngsters who seem to get the beat on their feet. Cheers!"

Karla was mesmerized by the warm welcome given to her by Dane's family and she felt like she's one of them. All of Dane's younger cousins, nieces and nephews were gathering around her and she just love them especially Chelsea. But it's already past their bedtime and the rest of the kids crawled to their moms' embracing arms.

Chelsea was in Karla's lap when her mom approached. "Oh poor little Chelsea. She looked so tired. Look! Her eyes are drooping already. Ok, there's mama. Kiss Tita Karla goodnight."

As Chelsea and her mom left, Karla drew her attention to searching for her bestfriend who was then fully occupied with her Uncle Resty.

"Hey Karla!" Dane called her with a tipsy voice.

"You know Uncle Resty here is asking me if you want to model for him. He's looking for a female counterpart for a magazine cover and he's so captivated with your irresistible charm. What do you think my friend?"

Karla couldn't find a word to say. "Well, I'll be so glad, Sir. She wasn't quite interested to what Dane's uncle could offer her... The only thing that mattered to her that moment was her missing box.

"How can I find it? I'm an open book now." She just whispered to herself.

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