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But It Keeps On Lingering...

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He knew where the CCTV was located and how would he manipulate its surveillance features so that his every move would stay undetected. He's a system designer... a video CAD software expert and he probably knew what he's doing. It might cause him disaster if he would screw up. But, before laying out his detailed mental formulation of the design of his life, a loud electronic horn evoked alerting every corner of that edifice.

He turned his eyes around until suddenly, smoke was filling out the floor's ceiling originating at room 708. He could hardly make a move as security officers came rushing to where the source of the the thickening fume. Three uniformed officers stood in front of the room and one of them tried to open the digital door lock using the master key override. The door swung open and they immediately searched for the smoke's possible point of origin. A scented candle was left ignited inside the room that caught the floor carpet and caused it to blaze. The tallest security officer hurriedly ceased the burning rag using the fire extinguisher while the other one used his two-way radio with earset to inform the head of security that everything's alright.

"Nothing to worry about, Sir. It's just a careless, unforeseen blunder made by one of our clients. Ms. Marasigan maybe coming in a few minutes. She has been properly informed."

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