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Farewell to Bird's Nest

The ceremony that started with a big bang on August 8, 2008 at the Bird's Nest and ended up on that same venue with another gigantic presentation was a huge success in Olympic history. Participants from around the globe gathered and competed for sixteen days, exhibiting their own strength and determination to obtain victory yet, uphold the true Olympic spirit. One world... One dream. People of different colors and origins had come together to attain the ultimate goal of peace and unity.

For sixteen days, all nations watched as the games progressed. From swimming to gymnastics... From basketball to weightlifting... From shooting to triathlon. Athletes strived to bring home the "gold" and make either a world or olympic record.

China topped the medal standing with 51 golds, USA with 36. Russian Federation with 23, Great Britain with 19 and Germany with 16.

Now, the stadium was no longer sparkling like flaming nest at night. People who attended and witnessed the historic event were packing up and heading to where they came from. Many of whom tasted triumph and some others went home empty-handed but with pride in their hearts.

Farewell Great Wall and welcome Buckingham Palace four years from now.



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