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But It Keeps On Lingering...

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"No no no no !!! It can't be. I placed it right here." Karla made a growling sound as she desperately searched for that box containing her countless thoughts... the keeper of her innermost being. She almost felt like a part of her had been taken away along with its disappearance. She kept on looking for the mini box but to no avail.

Even Dane knew nothing about her having that box except for an instance when they first got into room 708 and unpacked their things. Karla brought it out of her luggage and put it in the closet. It's just an old box and nothing was so special about it that would make Dane drew attention to. But why was it missing and who would ever had an interest of getting an almost archaic box which had been aged and nearly worn out already?

"I'm afraid you have to vacate this room Ms. Marasigan. We have to double check every area and make proper restorations. We've already arranged for your room transfer so you can start packing up your things and move over to room 705." A woman in a skirt suit hastily notified them.

What an ill-fated day it was for the two ladies. Dane made a call to Perry informing him of their whereabouts and giving him instructions on how the program would continue in her absence.

'Yeah! You take charge and we'll come back as soon as we get over this mess. Bye bye."

As Karla and Dane gathered their things back to their luggages, two of the utility personnel helped them and placed in the cart trolleys. Everything was ready for transfer but no mini box had found that caused Karla an absolute disbelief.

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