But It Keeps On Lingering...

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Nearly 90 minutes after Karla and Dane vacated their room, a young man in his early twenties had been going back and forth of that hallway seemingly disturbed. He kept on looking at his watch. The elevator door opened and closed at least ten times already and he's not getting tired at all. He just pushed the button on but could hardly decide whether or not he would carry out his detailed plot in entering room 708.

The guy was quite aggressively-looking... wearing a plain white shirt and indigo denim jeans. His perfectly sculpted body was obviously revealed and because of his intensive sweating, the shirt almost embraced his masculinity. His hair was short and jagged enhancing his natural curls that the more he perspired, the more he looked wet and wild.

His eyes were dreamy... literally dreamy.

"I just have to get this over and done with. I know this plan may not be perfect but this is the only way. "

He zipped open his belt bag and brought a tiny rod-like key out and initiated his first step.

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