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But It Keeps On Lingering...

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"That was a heart-warming introduction! I'm truly proud to be a member of this family. Good job little ones!" Dane was swollen with pride.

She was wearing a midnight blue full length gown with a touch of glitter that provided shine. It was an open neckline, cold shoulder and 3/4 sleeves... fully lined with shirring on the side that hides tummy for a slimming figure. She's a stunning buffoon wittier than ever.

"Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat. I know most of you has never forgotten your roots yet though majority of the new generation of Marasigans and Del Prados had grown up here. So nice to see all of you again. It's been years since I last saw you guys. Oh, that's Tita Lorraine there beside her adorable little darling Kathlyn and I also see Uncle Resty. Is that you uncle? You're still as good-looking as my dad." Dane flew a kiss to her Uncle Resty while he returned it with a cheery grin.

"This is the night we've all been waiting for so let's celebrate!" Then, she held out the microphone to the technical staff and a tall, dark and handsome young man on the far right of the stage sitting on a mid-high chair with his guitar hit the spot light. An acoustic version of "Through the Years" echoed along with the presentation of a visual aid depicting the memoirs of the past and present journey of their family.

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