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Perry Castro, the occasion's busiest planner, made a hustling signal to a group of pretty young girls to gather on the center stage. They were dressed in uniformed gowns. A fun, innocent Polca frock accented by a carnation brooch belt with a variety of colors: white/navy, lilac, red and pink. They wore the same white handcrafted closed toe shoes and as they arranged themselves forming a circle with one at the center, they bowed their heads and the lights were slowly fading out until only a beam highlighted the focus of everyone's attention.

Everybody rose from their seat and the hotel's orchestra started to play the music background while the girls sang the prayer for the invocation. Their angelic voices swathed the entire ballroom in silent contemplation.

Little Chelsea was at the center of the circle made her solo piece. Like her dear cousin Dane, she had an astounding talent. She captured the hearts of her listeners as the cluster resonated the last three words of the song then the little girls gracefully found their exit.

The lights were on again and Dane moved towards the stage looking so amazed and feeling sanctified at the same time. Her audience, mostly consisted of familiar faces that expressed a tremendous amount of joy and excitement.

Dane's decision to fly over to Portland and be the guest host of that special celebration made her realize that her life was not merely to entertain people she didn't even know and make a fortune out of it but most importantly, to make her beloved family smile because of her presence.

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