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But It Keeps On Lingering...

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Uncle Reily never lost his undeniably perfect timing for serious but implicit approach in dealing with the most inconceivable fate of any person whom he had been acquainted with and those he would eventually meet everyday of his life being ecclesiastic. More so, the agony that Karla was then experiencing.

As they enter the restaurant, Karla was reminiscent... The atmosphere somehow took her in a place that made her heart throb... a place where her dreams begun. She could hardly make another step but Uncle Reily held her arms and led her way into the midst of her consciousness. She would certainly face her uncle's advocacy. She would surely open up herself and lay bear the chronicles of her past and how would she confront the truth that will set her free.

Mama Gee was being escorted by Manong Caloy as they found that favorite spot of Father Reily. A waiter attended to them and took their orders. Karla was seated beside her uncle. She couldn't hide anything to her most beloved uncle. Not this time... She needed someone who would console her and raise her spirits... and make her realize that there's a way to put her worries behind.




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