But It Keeps On Lingering...

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"How's my dear Dolliedy? Have you received my email yesterday? Uncle Reily asked Karla with much apprehension as if he's not well informed of her niece's current tribulation. He could sense the anxiety wrapping her body and the least he could do was embraced her... put his hand over her shoulder.

Karla was soundless... immobile. Uncle Reily made a quick glance to Mama Gee.

"Let's have some beach house party in Grilla. I want their grilled specialties with wine pairing." Uncle Reily cheerfully suggested where to dine. "The restaurant is at the corner of Rockwell Drive. I'm sure you will like the beach-inspired setting like Boracay."

"Wherever you want Reily. I am too hungry to think of a place farther from here. That would be fine." Mama Gee replied.


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