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BUT IT KEEPS ON LINGERING .... the beginning

.... and two hearts met for the last time
She is dreaming alone. Silently weeping in pain. Hoping for a moment to come but never unfolded. Then she recalled that passage of time. Shattered thoughts were gambling in her head.

"Was that a look of hidden promises or a glimpse of no return?

Not wanting to let go......
A choice she made in her life seems a torturous judgment but that 's what her mind dictates.
Her love for him knows no boundaries. That only her heart can understand.

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  1. Started reading the first few chapters and it felt like watching a daily teleserye wherein you look forward to the next episode. Each chapter was short and yet had a lot to tell. Will continue reading about Karla's adventure.

  2. Hmm this is interesting. I found myself clicking "next" n times. I wouldn't place a spoiler though. Just read 'til the end. :)

  3. Captivating intro, compelled me to click the 'next'
    parang telenovela lang, cut into series :)

  4. I haven't finished the story but hope to do so in the days to come. From what I already read, it looks like a complicated love story which is often how love is.

  5. great story... i have something like this too in my blog... sometimes it's just really fun to write love stories and read it again and again... hehehe. Yahweh bless.


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