The Return of the Come Back

At MN airport with his beloved friends
whom he'll surely miss

E.T.A - 10:13 PM Manila time, 19th of July 2008. When he got to Narita, he made a brief call to Mom just confirming his arrival and reminding his fetchers Alfie, Malu and Mahlen to be there before the plane's scheduled landing. So the trio headed for NAIA with JB as their service limo. While Aya, Mitch and I hustled to finish the homecoming poster as KD while sitting on the sofa took a short nap.

The "pamangkins" were so excited that they would come in and out of the house and patiently awaiting for the "balikbayan" to arrive. Dave took her make-up kit and retouched. She put lipstick on then asked: "Mommy, may lagpas ba?" and made a pressing manner on her lips. Mom just burst out laughing. Her 7-year old granddaughter is just naive.

It was almost 12 midnight when they got home and the kids were giggling as they welcome their Ddel and he's back!!!

Here are the highlights of his

Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. Welcome back BRO!

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