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Long Time No See, No Hear, No Chikka

The Tres Marias and the Anave sisters practically grew up together. Our childhood mostly evolved in playing Millionaire's Game during summer vacation at Anave's porch. We usually start the game after lunch and ended it late in the afternoon. While in their laundry area with a "poso" at one side, we really enjoyed bathing out with our own "batya" full of water and making "sisid" (soaking our heads into the water and holding our breath until one of us gave up). We called our group then as "Zid-Vat" short for sisid-batya. Dancing was also one of our diversion. In fact, we choreographed our own interpretation of "Street Beat". The BaƱadera siblings occasionally join us for some classy leisure activities like holding a mini beauty pageant and having costume party during Halloween. Our favorite venue... where else but, the Anave's library.

Came our teenage years and we still found time to get together although, our group had been trimmed down to a "trio" - Melay, Ta Myra and me.

Taken from my journal dated 2 January 1993, Saturday:

Getting away from a daily routine, we found some time to unwind.
Our trio has been reunited for the first time in 2 years. We went up the hillside... Took a deep in the freezing water of Villa Virginia in Antipolo. The sky was clear but the sun only peeped once in a while. Nothing much has changed. We're still wearing same old faces... doing same old things... sharing same old stories. A rare opportunity that we need to give ourselves more positive frame of mind. A day for us to simply stare at the world.

Unfortunately, I have saved only a number of photos that will remind us of the past.

This was just a role playing.
 See, how we predicted the future!

It's good to hear from a long-lost buddy. I surely miss the seemingly endless conversations and those times just jamming around. Distance is never a reason to forget those people who have become part of our lives. They maybe far but always be remembered in our hearts forever.


  1. hahaha! so nice to see those pictures. i also have some pictures with me. i have some taken during our new year get-together. (yun ang nakalimutan mong banggitin) i just don't know how i can send it to you coz my scanner is not working well. anyways, thanks for reliving the memories. we left so many good memories there (esp. from that house). well, life is like that. the only permanent thing in this world is change and we have to welcome change whether we like it or not. but we should look forward to a better future. we must think positive... always.
    thanks Mare! hope to hear more from you. regards to everybody. mwah!

  2. Those were the days for sure... time flies and we seem to get so caught up with the present... to see the good old days is like a breath of fresh air... when we were just young and free to do practically anything our hearts desire.

    Didn't we have pictures in Naga too? Would be nice to see those too!

    Well, kudos for putting this together. Not a bad way to relive the past huh!

    Well, stay in touch!

    Ta Myra


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