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Dinner Full of Oyster

The weather was quite unpleasant though it brought a brief but hard rainfall, the atmosphere was just conducive to staying in bed and having a full massage at the back... hmmmmmm, it sounded like an intimate meeting would have planned beforehand.

Well, the scheduled dinner pushed through but in the absence of two; Pye and Kurt. When it comes to food or eating escapades, the latter is quite uninterested so the former who has had a very irrepressible appetite before (not much now?), couldn't do anything but to join his son at home while, the rest of us took our dinner out at Oyster Boy.

It was only past 6pm and most likely, we were the first to enter in for a dinner indulgence offered to us by no less than the "balikbahay boy" Ddel ( the one in blue-green shirt with a lot of green and blue bills on his wallet?).

We ordered: Sinuglaw, Sinigang na Bangus Belly, Grilled Oyster with Cheese and Garlic and a taste of Rockefeller, Kilawin Oyster, Grilled Blue Marlin and Pork liempo . Majority of us took bottomless Iced Tea as beverage, Sarsi (diet soda for somebody on a diet?), Royal True Orange (for the little ones) San Mig Light (for the gulpers?) and "opkors" garlic rice for everybody.

After that delightful oyster feast, we craved for something to detoxify, cold coffee like "mocha frap" quenched our throats by its aroma.

Then, it was time to go home... The oldies were feeling tired of walking around but the youngsters seemed unstoppable. Ddel was just starting his Saturday night life so, we left him awaiting for some more gimmick mates.

Next time ulit ha.......



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