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But It Keeps On Lingering...


Karla and Mama Gee arrived at the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish with Manong Caloy, their very loyal and devoted driver for fifteen years. He nearly left the Casanova family when Karla's father died. She was only 10 years old at that time and Manong Caloy was just being hired as a family driver by Mr. Rodrigo Casanova who was then a retired general. Because of his selfless dedication and deep concern with the family, Manong Caloy gained the respect and trust of the Casanovas. He never had a family of his own except for a sister living in Bacolod.

They went there to fetch Father Reily and invited him for lunch. When Mang Caloy was about to open the back door of the car and helped Mama Gee and Karla out, a tall but slender man suddenly came rushing from the other side of the parking area. He was wearing a white polo shirt neatly tucked into a vintage denim pants with his favorite pair of snickers. He almost tripped down so, he put his eyeglasses on as he drew near the car.

"Good day to you Father!" Mang Caloy greeted him with a frowning gesture.

"Oh, hi Caloy! You're looking bigger and bigger. You have to slim down a little." Father Reily said as he tapped Manong Caloy's shoulder. He got inside the car sitting right beside Karla. As he looked at her face, Father Reily put the jolliest smile that Karla had been longing to see.




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