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But It Keeps On Lingering...


"Oh my God!" Dane just muttered in silence. "I will be in Portland for a month or even longer? It can't be. My schedules are full for the next eight months. I'll be in Cebu this coming September and my first day of shooting the newest whitening soap commercial will be held as soon as I arrive from Mactan... and how about my regular taping for a top-rating gag show? What will Kuya Boy react if I tell him that I have this unexpected errand which may bring a promising career to a halt. What a terrible predicament!"

She went to her bathroom to take a long relaxing deep into her tub to freshen up. She lighted some scented candles on holders placed in one panel side of her hip bath and pushed a button just beside it and selected a playlist on an electronic device with synchronized lighting effects being set up by her interior designer team to give a more comforting and revitalizing ambiance to her most favorite place in her condo.

The sounds were just as soothing as pampering herself by soaking into the water full of bubbles. She couldn't help but close her eyes and feel every rhythm that only plays her kind of tunes.




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