But It Keeps On Lingering...


Karla and Mama Gee arrived at the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish with Manong Caloy, their very loyal and devoted driver for fifteen years. He nearly left the Casanova family when Karla's father died. She was only 10 years old at that time and Manong Caloy was just being hired as a family driver by Mr. Rodrigo Casanova who was then a retired general. Because of his selfless dedication and deep concern with the family, Manong Caloy gained the respect and trust of the Casanovas. He never had a family of his own except for a sister living in Bacolod.

They went there to fetch Father Reily and invited him for lunch. When Mang Caloy was about to open the back door of the car and helped Mama Gee and Karla out, a tall but slender man suddenly came rushing from the other side of the parking area. He was wearing a white polo shirt neatly tucked into a vintage denim pants with his favorite pair of snickers. He almost tripped down so, he put his eyeglasses on as he drew near the car.

"Good day to you Father!" Mang Caloy greeted him with a frowning gesture.

"Oh, hi Caloy! You're looking bigger and bigger. You have to slim down a little." Father Reily said as he tapped Manong Caloy's shoulder. He got inside the car sitting right beside Karla. As he looked at her face, Father Reily put the jolliest smile that Karla had been longing to see.


But It Keeps On Lingering...

.... previous
A hard knock on the door somehow roused Karla's staggered mind. Someone has been calling her name and banging her door for almost 15 minutes already, that's why Mama Gee got the duplicate keys and was forced to open her room.

"Oh my God! What is wrong with you, Kaye? Oh my dear, please tell mama what's been bothering you?" As Mama Gee approached, she hugged her daughter and fixed Karla's long hair scattered almost covering her face. She couldn't believe that her most beloved child is drowning in misery. She's her only child and it hurts deeply to see her in that dreadful condition.

"Okay. You get up! Take a shower and we will go visit your Uncle Reily. He will be so thrilled to see you. It's past 11am already and he's probably resting from his first administered mass. I will not just sit here and watch you cry all day!"

"But Mama!"

"No more excuses Kaye! Just do as I told you. I'm doing this to help you." Mama Gee was teary eyed but she controlled her true sentiments. She didn't want her daughter to see the weakness in her. She is her strength... and vice versa.


Can You Solve This?

This problem has been sent to me via email
and fortunately, I was able to answer it in less than 3 minutes.
Bragging????? So, get a pen and paper and try to crack the code.

The fifth number plus the third number equals fourteen.
The fourth number is one more than the second number.
The first number is one less than twice the second number.
The second number plus the third number equals ten.
The sum of all five numbers is 30.
What were the five numbers and in what order?

Don't give up!!!

Come on, you can solve it.

Dinner Full of Oyster

The weather was quite unpleasant though it brought a brief but hard rainfall, the atmosphere was just conducive to staying in bed and having a full massage at the back... hmmmmmm, it sounded like an intimate meeting would have planned beforehand.

Well, the scheduled dinner pushed through but in the absence of two; Pye and Kurt. When it comes to food or eating escapades, the latter is quite uninterested so the former who has had a very irrepressible appetite before (not much now?), couldn't do anything but to join his son at home while, the rest of us took our dinner out at Oyster Boy.

It was only past 6pm and most likely, we were the first to enter in for a dinner indulgence offered to us by no less than the "balikbahay boy" Ddel ( the one in blue-green shirt with a lot of green and blue bills on his wallet?).

We ordered: Sinuglaw, Sinigang na Bangus Belly, Grilled Oyster with Cheese and Garlic and a taste of Rockefeller, Kilawin Oyster, Grilled Blue Marlin and Pork liempo . Majority of us took bottomless Iced Tea as beverage, Sarsi (diet soda for somebody on a diet?), Royal True Orange (for the little ones) San Mig Light (for the gulpers?) and "opkors" garlic rice for everybody.

After that delightful oyster feast, we craved for something to detoxify, cold coffee like "mocha frap" quenched our throats by its aroma.

Then, it was time to go home... The oldies were feeling tired of walking around but the youngsters seemed unstoppable. Ddel was just starting his Saturday night life so, we left him awaiting for some more gimmick mates.

Next time ulit ha.......

Long Time No See, No Hear, No Chikka

The Tres Marias and the Anave sisters practically grew up together. Our childhood mostly evolved in playing Millionaire's Game during summer vacation at Anave's porch. We usually start the game after lunch and ended it late in the afternoon. While in their laundry area with a "poso" at one side, we really enjoyed bathing out with our own "batya" full of water and making "sisid" (soaking our heads into the water and holding our breath until one of us gave up). We called our group then as "Zid-Vat" short for sisid-batya. Dancing was also one of our diversion. In fact, we choreographed our own interpretation of "Street Beat". The BaƱadera siblings occasionally join us for some classy leisure activities like holding a mini beauty pageant and having costume party during Halloween. Our favorite venue... where else but, the Anave's library.

Came our teenage years and we still found time to get together although, our group had been trimmed down to a "trio" - Melay, Ta Myra and me.

Taken from my journal dated 2 January 1993, Saturday:

Getting away from a daily routine, we found some time to unwind.
Our trio has been reunited for the first time in 2 years. We went up the hillside... Took a deep in the freezing water of Villa Virginia in Antipolo. The sky was clear but the sun only peeped once in a while. Nothing much has changed. We're still wearing same old faces... doing same old things... sharing same old stories. A rare opportunity that we need to give ourselves more positive frame of mind. A day for us to simply stare at the world.

Unfortunately, I have saved only a number of photos that will remind us of the past.

This was just a role playing.
 See, how we predicted the future!

It's good to hear from a long-lost buddy. I surely miss the seemingly endless conversations and those times just jamming around. Distance is never a reason to forget those people who have become part of our lives. They maybe far but always be remembered in our hearts forever.

But It Keeps On Lingering...


A young warrior gazed into Karla's eyes. That fresh look in his face triggered her wildest imagination. Beneath such youthful glow rested an armor of sensitivity and innocence. As the cool breeze touched her skin, she wandered... chasing fantasy in its most endearing boundaries. Desired to be cuddled by the appealing softness of his hands while she cradled him with an air of mystery.

The game progressed and a long shot destructed her attention. Cheerers applauded graciously. Karla halted... revived her thoughts. A certain image kept flashing back... disturbing her every single moment. It's like a silhouette that never leave her sight... Like a gem so precious... Like a gold that never fades... Like a circle without an end.

Then she felt that her legs were numbed. She slowly opened her bulging eyes due to unstoppable grieving. It was only a dream. A reverie of her subconscious mind beaten up by the punishing whip of yesterday... captured by delusions of the present... yet she struggled to find a way out.

She kneeled down in shame for she's weak, undeserving of His kindness. Serenity prevailed inside her room. Only God witnessed every turn of events in their lives... From the first glance until they parted.

"How did it last without an end? How will I start without beginning?" Karla just mumbled to herself.


But It Keeps On Lingering...


After nearly 2 hours of being submerged into the stream of foamy water, Dane applied moisturizer to her skin and put make up on. She mastered her day and night facial transformation and she practically knew what she would wear for a specific wardrobe. She put on a low cut bust and bi level bottom hem with an animal print that brought all the attention to the right places and accentuated her curves along with a dark, rinsed denim stretch. It's a boot-cut jean fitting close and comfortable through the seat and thigh. A black sexy strappy high heel platform stilettos
completed her attire that morning.

She grabbed her black Vuitton XL Mahina bag and searched for her keys and walked off her condo unit at 22nd floor of Avida Tower 1, rushed to the elevator going to 2nd floor where her classic silver RAV4 was parked. She couldn't be late for her lunch date in Kuya Boy's place. It was roughly 12 noon already.

After almost an hour of exhaustion because of the usual traffic situation in the city, she reached her manager's home with a quite disappointing story to tell.


The Return of the Come Back

At MN airport with his beloved friends
whom he'll surely miss

E.T.A - 10:13 PM Manila time, 19th of July 2008. When he got to Narita, he made a brief call to Mom just confirming his arrival and reminding his fetchers Alfie, Malu and Mahlen to be there before the plane's scheduled landing. So the trio headed for NAIA with JB as their service limo. While Aya, Mitch and I hustled to finish the homecoming poster as KD while sitting on the sofa took a short nap.

The "pamangkins" were so excited that they would come in and out of the house and patiently awaiting for the "balikbayan" to arrive. Dave took her make-up kit and retouched. She put lipstick on then asked: "Mommy, may lagpas ba?" and made a pressing manner on her lips. Mom just burst out laughing. Her 7-year old granddaughter is just naive.

It was almost 12 midnight when they got home and the kids were giggling as they welcome their Ddel and he's back!!!

Here are the highlights of his

Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. Welcome back BRO!

But It Keeps On Lingering...


"Oh my God!" Dane just muttered in silence. "I will be in Portland for a month or even longer? It can't be. My schedules are full for the next eight months. I'll be in Cebu this coming September and my first day of shooting the newest whitening soap commercial will be held as soon as I arrive from Mactan... and how about my regular taping for a top-rating gag show? What will Kuya Boy react if I tell him that I have this unexpected errand which may bring a promising career to a halt. What a terrible predicament!"

She went to her bathroom to take a long relaxing deep into her tub to freshen up. She lighted some scented candles on holders placed in one panel side of her hip bath and pushed a button just beside it and selected a playlist on an electronic device with synchronized lighting effects being set up by her interior designer team to give a more comforting and revitalizing ambiance to her most favorite place in her condo.

The sounds were just as soothing as pampering herself by soaking into the water full of bubbles. She couldn't help but close her eyes and feel every rhythm that only plays her kind of tunes.


But It Keeps On Lingering...


Daniella Erika Marasigan, dotingly called Dane has a high visible stigma that made her standout most of the time but her physical attributes has never been a hinder in living her life to the fullest and in whatever ways she most desired. Nothing would prevent her from obtaining the life she most deserved.

She's two times her best friend's weight but much taller yet regardless of her size, she would always make Karla chuckle with her crazy jokes. No wonder, she became the most talked about stand-up comedienne in the country. She's fashionable and has always been fascinated with the newest and latest trend. Her short and naturally wavy hair were colored with a dark brunette hue and highlighted with a golden-brown accent. She has a flawlessly fair skin that complimented her sophistication and unique sexiness. She has a face much like Drew Barrymore but with the double chin.

In morning of August 18, 2005 she received an email from her father, Dr. Conrado Marasigan telling her that their family has been planning for a reunion and he scheduled it May of 2006 and she has to be there for a month or two. She would be the guest host whether she likes it or not.


But It Keeps On Lingering...


Karla was up almost 24 hours already. Her round hazel eyes were as gloomy as if she has not gotten any sleep for a week. It was 2am and she's still wide awake. She opened her laptop again and signed in. Few of her friends were online but she opted to stay invisible. She left an offline message to Jon saying:

"I know it will take a while but the pain is unbearable and it haunts me every night.
I just hope you're having a great time with your family back there at Oregon.
... as always JKtofo"

As she typed those words, tears just ran down her cheeks. She took a deep moaning breath and slowly picked up the broken pieces of that picture frame placed on top of her bed-side table... holding it with her hands shaking uncontrollably... staring at a portrait of two hands clutched firmly together wearing silver bond rings in their thumbs.

Suddenly her mobile phone beeped and she read the text message. It was only Dane, her best friend since grade school, just reminding her of Gelay's despedida party Friday night. All the while, she thought it was Jon but her expectations never occurred and that made her cry even more.


BUT IT KEEPS ON LINGERING .... the beginning

.... and two hearts met for the last time
She is dreaming alone. Silently weeping in pain. Hoping for a moment to come but never unfolded. Then she recalled that passage of time. Shattered thoughts were gambling in her head.

"Was that a look of hidden promises or a glimpse of no return?

Not wanting to let go......
A choice she made in her life seems a torturous judgment but that 's what her mind dictates.
Her love for him knows no boundaries. That only her heart can understand.

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A Simple Scuffle

My asthma is getting back again.
The cream I bought just
the other day is almost half consumed.
Maybe due to some household worries.
Being a full time housewife is really
a nerve-racking career...
It's a 24/7 job that can
elevate blood pressure,
cause so much headache
and oftentimes can bring me
a lot of itchy rushes all
over my body.

What an unpleasant birthright!

My two kids had a small fight
before going to school.
The culprit was a spray of "febreze"
that accidentally got into KD's eye.
Ate Aya apologized
but the former wouldn't
accept it. He acted like crazy and
wanted to get even,
so it's time for "Mama" to butt-in
and end the scuffle.

Thank GOD!
I have an elongated
patience... as in I have to
possess the virtue of it.

The school service arrived
and Kuya Butch hurried up to get
their things unaware of what happened.
Although the incident
brought tears to their eyes,
the lesson of the story will be
kept in their minds.

It's not good to get
back at anybody's fault even
if it hurts you...

"Do not do unto others
what you don't want others do unto you."
-the golden rule.

From Luyong to Icebergs

A time to get together... to take a break from a week long hassles of house chores and stressful office works. A time to celebrate Carl's birthday and it's his treat. We had dinner in "Luyong". Actually, Mom wanted to try their special "lechong kawali" because it has been featured in one of the episodes of "Boy & Kris" but her taste buds seemed to underrate its savor.

Her own version of the recipe is much simpler... the skin much crispier but more scrumptious, mouth-watering and most of all, "very exclusive". It's for her family's delight only.

The rest of the food like sweet and sour fish fillet, pancit canton (for long life) and camaron rebosado were just fine. Hototay soup was ok.

Our overall evaluation: The food was lacking in good taste.

After the not so satisfying dinner, the kids were craving for an enjoyable and refreshing dessert. So from Marikina, we headed to Icebergs in Metrowalk.

These pictures will show how we really got the pleasure of plunging into the cold sweet flavoured cookies and cream ice cream and special halo-halo with the combination of dipping into the hot melted chocolate of "fondue".
While waiting for our orders,
we struck a
bunch of poses.
There's no stopping us!!!!
We're not on a diet

Satisfaction guaranteed!
"Looks good when the stomach is full"

Thanks for the wonderful night.
for the celebrant!