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What's in the Box?

At last!!! The "box" arrived. It's no longer a big surprise to see its contents because the sender already made press releases about it, but we felt so excited in opening the box because it's the very first time that this guy sent a box full of goodies. A guy who almost return home empty-handed because of a sudden flu outbreak which struck him on his first days in Minnesota. Fortunately, he surpassed the dilemma and is now about to finish his job assignment for six months. Thank God!!! He made it.

As we open it, we saw that all items are well-arranged. Good job! At least he learned to pack as much loads to maximize available space. It was almost 2am central daylight time and he's still awake. He's more than thrilled to witness the fun. And look, what we got!!! All these stuff ready for consumption.

If there is a message in a bottle...
There is a message in this box that expressed
the ultimate joy of
the pleasure of



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