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There's No "GOLD" at the End of the Rainbow

For almost fifteen years, I chose to serve a company that I thought would give me the "best" in life but the best never came and I was left with no other option but to leave the job I have learned to love.

I was hopeful that things would get better but the company's vision to regain its stability was a failure. Time took its course. "What is meant to happen... So it shall be done." To alleviate the burden of insolvency, rehabilitation was the last resort.

A corporation that used to be on top, now has been hit by a big blow. Gone are the days of blissful operations. The people who once became part of a huge family, now have been separated without any hint for rightful claims... There's nothing left but empty pockets.

But that was it. I am accountable for the decisions I made in my life. That was the choice I preferred and it was unfortunate that I found nothing more precious than gold... yet I gained remarkable experiences and most cherished friends. Those fruitful years I spent with them paved the way to meet the prized possession I have now... my own family. Because of this company, I met the man who would change my life forever.

"We reach for tomorrow, we cherish the vision.
Thru all odds and barriers,
we march on as one
Together united till all odds are gone."

No more odds for no more glory... No more dreams coming true. May tomorrow bring a sparkling day for all of us to move on. Time will heal the wounds of the bitter past. And when we are faced with choices again... GOD will lead our way to find the "gold at the end of the rainbow."



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