My First Trimester Hang-ups

first trimester belly
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I have been on a roller coaster ride
overcoming and dealing with
the distasteful circumstances
of my first trimester.
I could hardly take long exposure
in front of our computer.
I'm having headaches,
stomach distress and some
other physical anxieties.
I know, these will pass.
I will certainly get over the
effects of hormonal changes
happening inside me...
maybe sooner or later.

Please bear with me.
Once I get back on my feet again,
I have lots of interesting entries to share
and more exciting stories to tell.


Pay It Forward

Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment), is a 12-year old student who has thought of an idea that would change not only his own life but the lives of many people.

He believes that doing a favor to others is not paying it back but paying it forward... doing good deeds to three new people will truly make a difference.

A simple idea of a young boy that makes a great impact to many and profoundly affect one's human nature. His determination to change the world for the better comes in exchange with his life.

Help others but never expect something in return. When others do good to you, don't pay back but "Pay it Forward" ...

Undergoing TVS or Tranvaginal Sonogram

Lying down on a bed other than our bed makes me feel quite uncomfortable more so using a clinic blanket to cover my body. Quite loathsome but I have no choice. I was advised to undress from waist down, lie on the bed with my knees bent and legs apart then cover my lower extremities with a green blanket. A female doctor attended to me. She was holding a tubular device or probe called a transducer and put an adequate amount of lubricant or gel then slowly inserted into my vaginal canal.

The procedure is TVS or transvaginal sonogram. The tubular probe sent out sound waves and a computer received the waves then an image was created being seen on a monitor. Measurements were being noted. The result is:

The test was painless. Actually I had gone through this kind of procedure more than five times already although I felt some mild discomfort from the pressure of the probe. After getting the result, Pye and I headed to Dra. Piramide, who was holding her clinic hours on the second floor of the Alfonso building.  She examined the results of the ultrasound and told us that we have to wait for another 2 weeks to confirm if there's really a baby inside me or yet, a possible blighted ovum.

Early intrauterine pregnancy about 7 weeks and 2 days by GS diameter There is a yolk sac seen with no evidence of fetal poleSuggest follow-up after 2 weeks for embryonic assessment

Early intrauterine pregnancy about 7 weeks and 2 days by GS diameter
There is a yolk sac seen with no evidence of fetal pole
Suggest follow-up after 2 weeks for embryonic assessment

I  have mixed emotions upon hearing this news but we have to be patient and optimistic. Everything will turn out just fine. Things happen for a reason.

Inside My Belly

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Let your presence inside me
that you're safe and sound.
Is there a little life growing
or a tie of bond
deep within?
This unpleasant sensitivities
leave no aching
Just rest quietly at my tummy
We'll be one 'til due time.

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Heaven Welcomes Another Angel

I was browsing the internet and I came across a site which I thought was the right one to give me information about the meaning of flowers. I planned to write a blog presenting a variety of flowers and their meanings and so I clicked the 6th link on the list: The Meaning of Flowers/A Filipina Mom Blogger and "Oh My God!" I never expected that I would stay for, not just a while but I spent hours watching the videos and reading some of the author's posts. I was teary-eyed and emotional upon learning that the site I've accidentally gone through will touch my heart and spirit.

Her story started with a deep mourning... a struggle for strength to overcome pain... a journey of grief and sorrow and her survival from the most unbearable loss of a beloved son.

Luijoe at the zoo

Last photo of Luijoe before he died

The swimming pool where he met his final destination

His resting place at Loyola Memorial Park

Ms. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado said in her blog entitled: Touched by An Angel
"I still remember that last day, May 27, 2000 in our hotel room at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort . It was right after we had breakfast getting ready for our glass-bottom boat ride. The video of “Be with you” by Enrique Iglesias was blaring on TV. Luijoe’s sisters shrieked ewwww mom except Luijoe and myself. They chided me for being so cheesy but Luijoe sat beside me and said you like that mama and I said yes. He said I like it too. Then we both watched it together.
That song is meant to be a love song but I can’t help thinking about the lyrics because it was the last song we listened together. The lyrics spoke so much of my indescribable grief and so, hearing the song always teared me to bits.
"And now that you’re gone,
I just wanna be with you.
(Be with you)
And I can’t go on, I wanna be with you.
(Be with you)
Wanna be with you."
Miserable, depressed and inconsolable. Today, it’s different. The pain is not as searing as it once was.
In memory of Luijoe’s 8th death anniversary, I compiled the photos of Luijoe’s last few hours at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort with “Be With You” as the background music."

I can hardly imagine how difficult it was for her to cope with her son's early demise. The tragedy that struck her family more than eight years back has been a haunting nightmare but she is able to let go of the negative memories of that fateful day and still trying to heal the wounds it has caused.

Because of this experience, Noemi gained sympathy not only from Kababayans in the Philippines but touched many people's lives through out the world. She even appeared in some TV programs like: MomWorks, Proudly Filipina, Kapuso Mo-Jessica Soho and Ali's talk show sharing her family's terrible ordeal.

She was even awarded the Best Website, Blog Category in the 9th Philippine Web Awards on December 7, 2006 and more awards in her name.

Another angel has flown to heaven
with a ready heart so young.
He lived a life too short
but left a long lasting mark.
He now rested far above the skies
looking down and waiting
his beloved ones to reunite
in the hands of GOD.

(Photos are not mine)

Craving for Chocolate Mousse

Everyday for me now is like I'm in a "twilight zone" and I can hardly decide what food to eat or what odor really makes me lose my appetite. I have morning sickness and my stomach feels like empty but full. Once I get up in bed, I sense something bubbling inside my belly and it causes me to throw up. I'm always like this. During my first trimester, I took leave of absence from office just to have a complete rest and now that I'm free from any employer and my boss now is of course, willing and able to take control of everything. He's so excited with the coming baby as much as our two kids.

Chocolate Mousse
A bed of rich chocolate pound cake, topped with delicious cream-based mousse and chocolate chips for a treat like no other.

Well, I craved for a "chocolate mousse" from Red Ribbon and my sister Mahlen ordered one through their hotline for a free delivery. It took almost an hour for the cake to arrive because Pasig Branch runout of stock of choco mousse so they waited for the stocks to come. As soon as the cake has reached my Mom's house, Mahlen sliced it and I got one for myself. I finished it off but afterwards, I found myself vomiting in my Mom's comfort room.

Why did I vomit after eating my most desired food? Well, these somehow explain it all:

  1. The vomiting is caused by a combination of chemical changes my body is going through
  2. My rapidly increasing estrogen and progesterone levels
  3. Enhanced sense of smell and stomach acids
  4. Builup of HCG. It is produced after implantation takes place and continues to increase until about the 12th week of pregnancy, at which point the levels of HCG starts to decrease, this is when morning sickness symptoms will start to decrease as well.

I may be experiencing these more intensely for the following days or weeks. But I know I can handle these changes as much as I got through with the anxieties during my previous conceptions.

Seeing With Our Hearts Open

We look at life as simple
yet complicated.
We seek peace and solitude
yet something is there to hinder.
We love and cherish memories
yet tears are running down our face.

We laugh and smile for joy
yet sadness comes without a hint.
We travel a long road to freedom
yet fences are hidden beneath.
We strive to reach the star
yet never bother to take a step.

We try to be the best person
yet somebody will never appreciate.
We give hope not despair
yet misery and anguish reign.
We search for truth and certainty
yet pretension lies everywhere.

We learn new things and ideas
yet life has more to offer.
We rely on facts and essentials
yet instincts go between.
We rescue ourselves from drowning
yet surviving is the game.

We contradict to one's disposition
yet falsify our own views.
We agree more on transformation
yet change is constant and imperfect.
We risk something valuable
yet redeem our spirits later.

We commit offensive allegations
yet direct justice to few.
We resolve problems accordingly
yet nuisance keeps coming back.
We may not comprehend every life there exist
yet learning is an eternal process.

Perceiving the true beauty of the world,
is seeing it with our hearts open.

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No Amvasc for the Meantime

Amvasc-Amlodipine Besilate
It's almost a week now since I stop taking my maintenance drug because of my present condition so I decided to visit Dr. Santos for a check up. Fortunately, my blood pressure was normal: 117 over 75. He told me that there's no need for me to continue with Amvasc. I just have to monitor my BP and be cautious with my diet.

Dr. Ronald Santos is a long time friend and classmate back at grade school and high school. When he became full-pledged Cardiologist, my family and most of my relatives have become his regular clients. A lot of our teachers had been his patients as well. Thumbs up for him. He really excels in his chosen field. Truly a proud Rizalian.

After a brief talk and some advice, the visit was concluded with a thoughtful reminder:

"Take care of that baby."

I will definitely do. Pye and I wish to have him as one of the godparents and he's more than just willing to be one.

Looking Through The Eyes

I received an email from my sister Malu and I am so inspired by the story of a blind boy sitting on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet with a sign beside it saying: "I am blind, please help."

You will notice a man who approached the boy and took few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the sign, turned it around and wrote some words. He put the sign back so that everyone passing by that area would see and read the new words.

Because of the new sign, the hat begun to fill up. More and more people were giving money to the blind boy. That afternoon, the man came back to see how things were. The boy recognized his footsteps and asked him if he's the one who changed the sign and what did he write. Then the man replied:

"I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but on a different way."

What he had written was: Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it.

It was clear to us that the two signs were telling the people that the boy is blind. The only difference is that the second sign implied that people who are not blind are so lucky that they can see the beauty of the day. That people often times need a much deeper meaning to some issues before they can be affected. Words are powerful to convey the truth so everybody should use words as creative and as meaningful.

The story tells us that we are fortunate enough to have eyes to see the magical things around us. We have to appreciate every blessing we have whether it may be small or big. We should be optimistic in life that if it gives us 100 reasons to cry, show life that we have 1000 and more reasons to smile. We should not be afraid to face obstacles. Let strength rule our spirit and take us to brighter days ahead. Stop complaining for things but start doing something that make a lot of difference.

What is more fulfilling than seeing someone smile and more beautiful than knowing that we are the reason why...

KD's Chess Workout

Kurt has been a great chess enthusiast and his overwhelming fondness with the sport encouraged him to join a 3-day training from October 27-29 at LICS' (La Immaculada Concepcion School) chess room. It was also their one week school break in commemoration with "All Saint's Day" or "Halloween" as popularly known.

I fetched him to and from school as he personally requested so the school service was not necessary and it's a perfect bonding moment for Mye and KD.

The training took 4 hours a day from 12nn to 4pm. For three days, he wanted only "Dunkin Donuts" for snack; 2 Choco Sprinkle donuts, Choco Icy Cooler on the first day, Grape on the second day and Iced Coffee on the third day. I just watched him satisfy his hunger after few hours of mind-boggling checkerboard game. The game I never learn to play.

He got 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw. Now, he's ready to fight for opponents willing to checkmate his King and who else is willing but his Papa whom he almost defeated. The game was a draw.

Traffic in the Internet

Image not mine

Millions of web sites are made available for public view and taking a minute or just a glimpse of any of those existing pages in the Internet create ranking. The most popular and visited site is the "cream of the crop" while millions of others require a diversity of techniques in order to increase web traffic.

It is simply the statistics gathered from a particular site as to the quantity of visitors and page visits made for a given period.

  • Its Importance : Web site traffic is a major factor in determining whether a site can generate income or feasible for online business. Like in TV ratings, the higher the rating, the more advertisers and sponsors will generate income for the TV program.
  • Its Data Monitoring : Types of information being considered in measuring popularity of web sites and evaluate the data collated to establish traffic rating as to the total Internet usage. Such figures for analysis are: 
The number of visitors
The number of page views per visitor
Average visit duration
Average page duration
Domain classes
Busy times
Most requested pages
Most requested entry pages
Most requested exit pages
Top paths
  • How to Increase Web Traffic : Finding sites is as easy as one click of a button. There's a huge possibility for a certain page to generate and boost traffic by registering site to search engines. Very few people go past the first page and the fraction that go to subsequent pages is lower so proper placement on search engines is critical. Advertising is also a great tool to gain higher popularity. Webrings, free e-books and building link recognition definitely contribute elevated statistics.
  • Traffic Overload : It's an overwhelming instant for a site to burst a sudden and unexpected mass increase of traffic. These sites are being forced to close or have to be taken offline until different arrangements are made to cope with the traffic.

Why Blogging?

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After almost 15 years of idyllic yet a little obnoxious stint in an office environment, I found myself in front of our computer most of the time because of my newly discovered world: the blogosphere. Well defined as the "world of blogs" or a collective whole of all the blogs in the Internet.

I started blogging last May of this year and I am truly delighted with this experience. Firstly, writing is my passion though I considered myself not that professional like a novelist or lyricist, playwright or journalist. I just know how to write but I'm not any "master" of this academe. Secondly, through writing, I can convey what goes in my mind and put them in words. Thirdly, I can freely express my innermost feelings about what I see, what I hear, taste and even the most aromatic scent that can touch my sensitivity.

Mye Domain will be turning six months this coming November and I am in fact very grateful for my family for being so supportive of me. This is what makes me, being me.

When I quit working. I thought I can land on a job easily and quickly as I may seem it would be. I registered an account to and but after a series of interviews and exams (essay type), I seek opportunities to no avail. Either I am over-qualified for the position or yet, the available slot has a number of more eligible candidates. Age limit may also a factor of declining my credentials. BPOs or Business Process Outsourcing companies are predominant in the Philippines but working on a call center is beyond my capacities because of its nature and the stressful graveyard shifting.

Making both ends meet is difficult this days especially the existing issue regarding Global Oil Crisis that causes significant decline in economic condition of most countries in the world. My husband, being the sole bread-winner this time, has dramatically affect our financial status though we have our school service business, I still get short of budget. We have our two kids in primary and secondary schools to take care of and tuition fees are increasing every year.

Why blogging? Well, it somehow lightens up my loads and the thinning possibility for a job opportunity may not bring constant disappointments for me. I feel some kind of peace and contentment when I write and through blogging, I come to meet new friends and fresh ideas. I only have gone to some places in the Philippines. Actually, I have not visited any country yet, but through this internet connection and having joined the blogger family, I learned more things... seen people and places... just clicking a button and the farthest location in the map opens up for me.

A Very Special Love

"Rain, rain go away
Come again another day
Little children want to play
Rain, rain go away."

Who doesn't know this song? I guess everyone of us heard and sang this song once in our lifetime or maybe have taught the same song to our children just to keep the rain from falling. Raining is such a "kill-joy" season which hinder them to play and have real fun outside.

But have you heard of a "sun dance" to prevent the rain from pouring? There's this Filipino movie entitled "A Very Special Love" which stars John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. It's a romantic-comedy motion picture from Star Cinema and Viva Films


Laida (Sarah Geronimo) is a modern-day Belle. She works hard to provide for her family while believing that someday she will meet her prince charming and they will live happily ever after together. That prince charming is none other than Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz), the youngest of the Montenegro clan—a well-established family in the business world. Laida dreams of meeting Miggy every day and every night. These dreams lead her to apply as an Editorial Assistant at Miggy’s newly established men’s magazine Bachelor despite it being a long shot, hoping that working in the company will allow her to be close to the man who invades her dreams every night.
By some sort of luck, Laida lands the job. Overwhelmed by the being in the presence of her crush, and by her instant employment, Laida remains blind to the fact that the Miggy she dreams of is very different from the real one. Miggy in person is a hothead who thinks he’s always right. The word “sorry” doesn’t mean anything to him. Everyone is scared of him, except Laida, who is always ready to defend her dream man. Blindly she caters to his whim, even when he sent her to be his proxy on his date with his girlfriend, breaking her heart a little. Her co-workers question her unrelenting dedication to such a monster but when Laida proves quite loyal to the man, gossip about Laida’s feelings for their boss starts to circulate. Laida, to defend herself, unwittingly reveals information about Miggy’s personal life, which earns her his ire. Being shouted at for the first time by the man she dreams of opens Laida’s eyes to reality. And her awakening in turn leads to Miggy’s rude awakening of why people do not like him.
No one has ever talked back to Miggy before. No one dared tell him their opinions and or suggestions. Miggy was always right and that’s how he likes it. But when Laida, a simpleton who just follows his every command tells him to his face that he is wrong, Miggy begins to wonder if the reason for his failures could actually be him. For the first time Miggy apologizes. And this opens the door to a whole new world of a lot of “firsts” for Miggy. With the help of Laida, Miggy slowly learns to be a teamplayer. With the help of Laida, Miggy slowly learns the value of loyalty.
But Miggy’s conflict with his siblings keeps pulling Miggy back to his old ways, and not even Laida’s presence in his life can clear the shadow casted on him by his family. Laida does everything she knows just to help Miggy at the expense of time with her family. As Laida and Miggy’s fight to save the magazine become more intense, so is their fight to keep their intentions and emotions at bay. Will Laida and Miggy ever figure out the right combination to solve their problems in business and in their personal lives? Or will their mismatching personalities, despite their common interest and goal keep them from ever figuring out their perfect pair?

And this is how Laida dance just to stop the rain from falling

So if you don't want the rain to spoil your plans... do the SUN DANCE

The Pursuit of HAPPYness

It was only when I search this film in Google that I came to know, there exist a compelling movie which premiered in 2006 earning $27 million on its first week, grossing a total of more than $304 million in box office and accounted an additional $89 million in revenue sales of DVD in 2007 and I only got the chance to watch it on TV under HBO channel with my two kids together with our house help for almost five years, Bebeth who seemed to appreciate it as well. Pye who's more of an action/detective aficionado preferred to be in bed early.

I was teary-eyed... emotive. Where is happiness if you are left homeless? Where is comfort if you are left with an empty pocket?

Even in subway restrooms, in buses or in the streets... just to shelter his son.

Even up to the last cent... just to feed him.

Even in the streets... just walking with him.

Even it takes a dream to make his son believe.

Even if he knows that dreaming is a struggle... an ordeal.

Even if life for his son means sleeping soundly on his shoulder.

Even in the most dire circumstances... they will survive.

HAPPYness is in their hearts and in their souls... HAPPYness is having each other wherever life may lead them.

The film's summary by Wikipedia
The film begins in 1981 in San Francisco, California. Linda (Thandie Newton) and Chris Gardner (Will Smith) live in a small apartment with their son, Christopher. Chris has invested the family's life savings in a franchise selling portable bone density scanners. These scanners provide slightly denser pictures than X-rays, but most of the doctors Chris visits find that they are too high-priced. Linda works in a dead-end job in a local hotel laundry. The tension between them mounts as unpaid rent and bills continue to accumulate. Chris often parks his car in disallowed areas so he can make scheduled appointments on time, and after parking tickets remain unpaid, their car is impounded. After missing a shift at her job, Linda finally leaves with their son Christopher (Jaden Smith), returns briefly, then departs for New York City, where a better job awaits her, leaving behind the boy at his father's request.
Chris accepts an unpaid internship at brokerage firm Dean Witter Reynolds that promises employment to only one trainee at its conclusion. His lack of salary, and his lack of scanners to try to sell, leaves him riddled with debt, and he and his son eventually become homeless. After spending several nights riding buses and sleeping in subway restrooms, saddled with their meager belongings, they begin lining up at the Glide Memorial Church on a daily basis in an effort to secure accommodations for the night. Sometimes they succeed, other times they literally are left out in the cold. As he struggles to provide a semblance of a family life for his son under the most dire of circumstances, Chris becomes more determined to complete the intern program and become the sole trainee the firm will hire.
In the end, Chris gets the job and later starts his own brokerage firm, called Gardner Rich, in 1987. Then in 2006 he sells a minority of it for a multi-million dollar deal.

Actually, we were in tears watching every dramatic scene... It moved me in a way because I am also mother who only thinks the best life for my kids. Never have I imagined that they will suffer that kind of tribulation. Every parent wish for a bountiful life for their children. Our pursuit of happiness begins in our hearts.

Huling Kabanata

Napapad kung saan
ang tanging pangarap ko.
Tinangay ng hangin
tinaboy sa malayo.
Nasaktan ang damdamin
takot nang mabigo.
Natitirang pag-asa'y
bigla pang naglaho.

Ilang beses nang bumuo
ng isang kastilyo.
Inakalang matatag
matibay ang pagkakatayo.
Nadaanan lamang
ng mahinang bagyo,
nabuwal ang haligi't
kisap-mata'y gumuho.

Kailan ba matatapos
matagal na paghihintay?
May dahilan pa kaya
ang magtiwala ng tunay?
Matatagpuan pa kaya
ang tinakdang kaugnay
nitong pusong sadyang
nawalan nang malay.

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biglang bumilis ang tibok ng puso
nang tayo'y unang magkatagpo.
sa kaba at lito ay nalimutan ko
itanong man lang ang pangalan mo.
mula noon ay di na natahimik
ang ngiti mo ang laging nasa isip.
kailan kaya muling masisilayan
ang ganda mong kay hirap talikdan?
pati sa pagtulog, napapangarap ka.
ewan ko ba... anong nadarama
ibaling man sa iba ang pagtingin
ikaw pa rin ang hangarin
ngunit dumating ang di inaasahan
ako't ikaw ay nagkabanggaan
o kay liit pala ng mundo!
di man ituro ang daang patungo
kung magkapalad ay talagang magtatagpo
ang pag-ibig sadya ngang ganito.


ika'y mistulang dagat
na kay lalim arukin.
sa 'yong kababawan,
lagaslas sa dalampasigan.

sa pag-ihip ng hangin,
alon mo'y naglalambing.
laman ng 'yong isip
ay kay hirap sisirin.

taglay mong katangian
ay likas na kayamanan.
dulot ay kagalakan
sa tanang nasisilayan.

subalit kung marungisan
ng salot at karimlan,
sadya ngang kalupitan
ang tinamong kasawian.

isang bangkang naglalayag
sa pusod mo'y napadpad.
kalinga mo'y di sumapat
lumayo at tuluyang umusad.

kay gandang pagmasdan
ang iyong kalawakan
salamin sa kalangitan
lihim na sinulyapan.

sa paglubog ng araw
and tana'y naghihintay.
buwan ang kaulayaw
hanggang sa bukang-liwayway.

Images not mine

China Crisis

Other than being the world's most populated country, China is also the world's third largest country by area with Beijing as its capital. It's official name is the People's Republic of China. Their republic was proclaimed on October 1, 1949 by the Chinese Communist Party, which set for itself the awesome task of uniting and mobilizing a population impoverished and exhausted by 37 years of domestic chaos, war and foreign invasion in the construction of a modern industrial socialist society and the achievement of great power status.

Imperial China had been a civilization, technologically sophisticated, economically and culturally self-sufficient, living in self-imposed isolation from the rest of the world. Chinese culture is an integral part of Chinese society acclaiming it as an important achievement of the Chinese civilization and its national identity.

But came the 21st century, China marked global records of catastrophe dating from year 2000 up to present breaking world news.

Year 2000
Let's start with a domestic disaster where 309 people died on a Christmas Day blaze tore through a commercial building in Luoyang, Central China.
News from dated December 26, 2000

Year 2001

In May 20 on, Hongkong puts lid on bird flu or avian influenza. Its cause and origin remained unknown. Thousand of birds were killed in more than 130 markets. Buddhist monks in the territory prayed for the lost souls of the killed in a mass slaughter.

Year 2002
BBC News dated August 22, more than 1000 families have been evacuated. Almost a million people worked together to stop China's freshwater lake from flooding. Some 850,000 civilians and soldiers have mobilised to shore up dykes and embankments of Lake Dongting, in the southern province of Hunan.

Year 2003

This is the year when SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome became a global epidemic which was believed to be originated in southern Guandong, China. it killed 800 people around the world; 350 in China alone including 44 in Toronto.

SARS scare

Year 2004
Typhoon Rananim hit the city of Wenling on the coast of Zhejiang province. The death toll rose to 115 and more than 1,800 people were reportedly injured. It also killed 31,000 heads of livestock.

Year 2005
A 5.5-magnitude quake struck eastern China killing at least 17 people and injuring hundreds of others. The epicenter was on the Hubei-Jiangxi provincial border. China's government rushed in 1,000 tents to house those left homeless by the temblor.

Year 2006
Another storm flooded the streets of southern China killing at least 188 people while homes and crops were destroyed by landslides.

BBC News dated May 22, 2006 reported a flooded mine in the northern province of Shanxi where estimated 57 coalminers were trapped underground. The accident happened when the mine was hit by a sudden surge of floodwater.

Year 2007
Typhoon Wipha slammed into the coast south of Shanghai as authorities moved 2 million people following forecasts it would be the most powerful storm to hit eastern China in a decade. Shanghai closed schools, delayed or postponed flights, ferry crossings and other transport links.

Year 2008
Nearly 50,000 may have died in 7.9-magnitude earthquake that hit southwestern China when thousands of children were in class. Chinese authorities have confirmed that at least several hundred children died in schools in one town alone. Aftershocks at times forced rescuers to evacuate fallen buildings, leaving crowd frustrated at knowing the fate of loved ones. The quake left 5 million homeless.

And then, the Melamine scare. Three babies were reportedly died and 6,200 more now known to be ill. China's largest producer of milk, Mengniu Dairy Group announced the recall of three batches of formula made in January after tests showed that they were contaminated with melamine. Though it should not be added to food ingredients, suppliers in China sometimes put in food to make the product appear to be protein rich.

Melamine has Nitrogen, and standard tests for protein in bulk food ingredients measures level of Nitrogen. More than 1,300 infants were hospitalized with illnesses including malnutrition -->, kidney stones and acute renal failure.

The issue has affected most countries like the US and the Philippines as well and this food safety scandal prompted China agricultural officials to start a nationwide inspection of its dairy industry.

China has the richest culture of all humanity but their tainted contribution to global economy should be properly investigated for consumers' safety and protection.

(Images from the web)