"Nasaan na si Jollibee?"

Grabe!!! Ay grabe talaga!!!Sino ba angmag-aakala na ang pinaka-BEE-dang fastfood chain sa Pilipinas ay mana-KNOCKDOWN ng COVID-19? Sino rin ang mag-aakala na ang paboritong pulang mascot na bubuyog ay naka-quarantine din? At sino rin ang mag-aakala na wala munang magaganap na birthday celebrations at special occassions na ang handa ay ang LANGHAP-SARAP na chickenjoy?Ganito sya noong bago mag-pandemya. Isang damakmak na tao.. Bagets man o senior citizens, SUKI niya. Hindi nawawalan ng mahabang pila. At ang saya-saya, noh? Papicture dito.. Selfie doon. Napakarami mong nabusog na madlang pipol hindi lang nationwide, worldwide pa. Hindi mabilang na mga memories na naging parte na ng buhay ng bawat PILIPINO saan man sa mundo. Kahit nga ibang lahi, napa-bilib mo JOLLIBEE...
Pero nasaan ka na? Miss ka na namin. Nakaka-order pa rin naman dahil sa online delivery pero iba pa rin yung nakikita ka namin na nagungulit sa store lalo pag may parties. Ang galing-galing mo sumayaw. Mabuti na lang at …

"Hugot Lines"

Kumusta naman ang puso mo? Ok ba ang mga kaganapan sa buhay-buhay? Sana, wala ka namang pinagdadaanan ngayon. Kung meron man.. "daanan mo lang at wag mong tambayan.""It's easier said than done." Dahil para sa iba, hindi lang isang iyak ang problema. Balde-baldeng luha ang dadaloy sa mga mata bago maka-move on. Kahit nga tunggain pa ang lahat ng red horse sa mundo. Malalasing lang at makakalimot nang konti pero paggising... TULALEY pa rin ang peg ng lola mo (o lolo kung lalake. Hehehe!) Maraming nangyayari sa mundo na mahirap ipaliwanag at maintindihan pero wala naman tayong ibang pwedeng gawin kundi, ang tanggapin ang mga ito at ilagay sa isip na... "pagkatapos ng ulan ay sisikat muli ang Haring Araw para magbigay ng bagong pag-asa."Meron naman akong kakilala, akala mo kung sinong makapanghusga ng kapwa nya.. Biruin mo ba naman, ang sabi sa kapit-bahay nya...    "Hoy, bakit ka ba nakatalikod. Humarap ka! Kung anong pangit ng mukha mo, sya ring pa…

They Get Bored Easily

Kids of today's generation tend to get bored and feel exhausted easily. Sometimes, they can hardly do things productive. Modern technology dominates their lives. Mobile phones and other handheld gadgets seem to be a constant shadow that should follow them anywhere they go.
They can access the web anytime they want. They can watch favorite music videos, chat with friends and play online games. Everything seem to be open and out with only one click of a button or one swipe on the screen.

Kids can do a lot but can be easily wasted and drained. There should be other activities that will make them busy like sports, outdoor games and exercise.
Parents should know how to deal with this dilemma and manage to control or set limitations in order to avoid conflicts. Being understood is different from just being heard. I told my children that they should be responsible for their actions. I always remind them that these devices may bring negative effects if used excessively.

I know, it's …

His Love for ART

These are some of Kiko's abstract creations. His love for drawing using crayons is just fascinating. Almost everyday, he would get his sketch pad and starts to do random designs. He draws outline of any shape then fills them up with various colors.

His love for art mainly focuses on colors. he even asked me to give him a present this coming Christmas. He wishes to have 96-colored Crayola crayons. He wants different shades. More crayons mean more colorful art pieces like these.

He even provides titles for his artworks so, I have to document this little milestone of this little artist of mine. Maybe, 10 years from now, he will be interested in reading my blog posts about him and take him to a nostalgic recollection of his childhood.

Cuteness Overload

Do you think this photo is cute? Well, you're absolutely right. This is what I call, "cuteness overload".

If you are a parent with young kids around, I'm sure you have done some naughty things that made them chuckle and giggle like showing them your wackiest face, playing peekaboo, imitating animals' sounds or any silly demonstration that may tickle their little minds. 
There’s no better stress-buster than a baby laugh. It's music to our ears and the sound it makes drives us crazy. They are just adorable.
That's my youngest son in the picture when he's one year old. His Papa smeared some chocolate "icing on his face". The smile is so naive and innocent. He didn't even know that his Papa's making fun of him. 
This was taken during our summer outing in Laguna and happened to be his older brother's birthday.
This second photo is epic... That's Kiko again with his shirt on his head like wearing a bonnet. He looks like a scavenge…

It's Been A Year

Yeah! It's been a year now since my daughter had her most memorable birthday... her debut celebration.

She will be turning 19 tomorrow and I am glad she reached this chapter of her life without any health problems, her grades this semester are the highest so far with GPA of 1.64, she's still beautiful and getting more appealing and thank God her status is not yet "IAR" which means, Mama has nothing to worry about boys at this point. Her being a fan girl somehow decreases the possibility of  being involved with someone as of the moment.

Her mind is pre-occupied with the incredible cuteness of Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael.. the four Aussie guys who dominated the music scene with their debut worldwide release of "She Looks So Perfect" in February, 2014 - topping the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK. Their self-titled album was released  in June 2014. 5SOS (5 Seconds Of Summer) is a boy band that rocks Lizette's world upside-down.


Dirty Ice Cream

Why “dirty ice cream”? Is it because this favorite frozen delight a dirty food? Actually, even I don’t know why it’s called such. So, I made some research about its origin and the reason behind its name.
Here in the Philippines, eating "dirty ice cream" is not only the thing of the past but still a habit of the present. When we were kids, we used to wait for "Mamang Sorbetero" or the ice cream vendor to pass by our street and buy a cone of this cold treat. Dirty ice cream peddlers use colorful-painted carts that can accommodate three flavors.

"Ice cream was introduced in the Philippines during the American Occupation when refrigerators and other cooling devices were introduced. While American ice cream was made with cow's milk, using the milk of the carabao, a kind of water buffalo, resulted in a cheaper product which became known as "sorbetes."Both kinds of milk are widely used today. Coconut milk and cassava flour are two other ingredients used…