Lizette Turns 18 - The Opening Prayer

Every milestone in life is a remarkable event... an occasion to celebrate and be grateful for. Nothing is worthier than appreciating God's blessings and praising Him everyday. Either in joy or sorrow, we close our eyes... kneel down to ask for guidance and utter our intentions.

The most anticipated day has come. November 16, 2013 marked the 18th birthday of my daughter.

As we shared a momentous night in her life, we offered a prayer to ask for the Holy Spirit to come upon us and bowed our heads in God's divine presence.

Opening prayer was delivered by Claire Dave Ellis Magos
Claire Dave Ellis

The opening prayer was delivered by:

Claire Dave Ellis Magos, younger cousin of our debutante, currently in 7th Grade at La Immaculada Concepcion School. Their closeness goes beyond being cousins because Lizette treats her like a baby sister.

Lizette Turns 18 - The Opening Prayer

"GOD of all creation, worthy of our praise, we are grateful for Your presence in this evening’s celebration of life. We thank You for this opportunity in bringing us together and share a glorious event that marks the 18th birthday of LIZETTE.

Oh Heavenly Father, You are the source of all our strength. May you bestow upon us Your Divine Grace. May You bring forth success in this night’s activities and guide us as we partake in this festive occasion.

All of us here tonight share the same prayer for LIZETTE, that she may achieve her dreams and aspirations in life. That God will grant her the realization of her heart’s desires and blessed her with abundance... may it be financial or spiritual.

May our Loving and Generous God, offer her the virtue of kindness, patience, honesty, understanding, perseverance and all the goodness that may be pleasing to others and most especially, to Your holiness.

We thank You for giving her 18 years of blissful yet challenging years. As she enters another fruitful phase in life, guide her way leading to the righteous path and protect her against imperfections that may hinder success and true happiness.

We praise You, Lord for surrounding her with love from family, relatives and friends. Their presence in her life makes the person she is now. They are the wind beneath her wings. They will always be there to support and direct her journey through life. 

Tonight, we ask for Your ever gracious hand to bless every gift to be offered and sanctify every wish to be uttered.

Almighty God, fill our hearts with Your love, faithfulness and mercy as we gather in Your Name and bless the meal that we will share in this joyful evening.

We entrust all our prayers unto You in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, AMEN."


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter Lizette, Marri! I know that you are so proud to have such a great daughter. Your daughter's 18th birthday is something she will truly remember! Best wishes! :)

    1. Thank you very much Zion. This event truly brought my family, relatives and friends unforgettable moments that we will forever cherish.

  2. Hi. Im asking permission to use the Prayer written above for the debut of my friend. Thank you!! :)

  3. Hello Madam! May I borrow some of your words to be used as our opening prayer in my 18th birthday celebration as well? Thank you in advance.

  4. Hello Madam. May I ask for permission to use some of your words to be used as our opening prayer in my 18th birthday celebration as well? Thank you. :)

  5. Hi there! I came across this page while looking for some prayer ideas to be used in the debut of my daughter. I love your prayer and asking for your permission to use it at the said same occasion.


  6. Hello there! I am glad to use this prayer for my niece debut and at the same time asking you for your permission. Thank you.

  7. Hello. I searched for sample prayers & sae this. Permission to use the prayer. Thank you & God bless.

  8. Hello!! May i use this prayer for my cousin's debut? Thank you so much in advance!!

  9. Hi! Here's to ask permission to use some of the words/phrases for our opening prayer at my friend's 18th birthday. :)

    Thank you!

  10. Good Afternoon, May i ask for permission to use the prayer written above for the debut of my friends daughter. .Maraming salamat, God bless

  11. hello po..may i ask permission to use your opening prayer for the debut of my niece. i really like your prayer..thanks

  12. Hello..May I ask permission from you to use this prayer for my niece 18th birthday? I really like it. Thanks and God bless.

  13. Hello! May I ask for your permission to use this prayer for my sister's 18th birthday? It's really a wonderful prayer. Thanks and God bless

  14. Morning po, Permission to use this prayer po. Thank you po and God Bless


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