Enhancing Your Kitchen With Under Cabinet Lighting

I may not have my dream house built yet but I wish it will be realized in the near future. My husband and I both agreed that there's no need for us to secure a housing loan for the moment and postpone the supposed house reconstruction in Marikina City. Since it's a flood-prone community, we have to consider a great number of factors. The prospective house should be practically, economically, structurally-sound edifice to endure significant natural disasters.

Although "My Castle in the Air" will still be put on hold and my dream designs for my bedroom, living, dining and kitchen is still in my fantasy world... I'd still love to look for interior design ideas. I am truly inspired in looking for modern and minimalist concepts.

I realized that our kitchen is not only out-dated but unattractive as well because there's no proper lighting that somehow accentuates the working area.

MyeDomains Enhancing Your Kitchen With Under Cabinet Lighting / our kitchen that needs some improvement
Our kitchen that needs some improvement

I am always in search for photos of clean designs with modern simplicity and while browsing in the internet, I found this interesting read in wikipedia. How I wish my kitchen will have lights underneath the kitchen cabinets that glow creating an ambient mood.

This kitchen design really impressed me because of their highly modern appearance and what made it stand out more is the lighting especially the under cabinet lighting. This adds warmth and sophistication.

MyeDomains Enhancing Your Kitchen With Under Cabinet Lighting
Photo not mine

Under-cabinet lighting illuminates an atmosphere of calmness and freshness to the most functional space in the house.  It makes the kitchen more attractive and inviting that every family member will surely enjoy cooking and staying for long periods of time. This key element in the kitchen serves as its focal point.

I discovered that high quality kitchen products are available online and I wish that the moment my husband and I decided to pursue our dream house... will definitely check this out for some under-cabinet lighting and high quality kichler products.


Your thoughts, ideas, opinions and suggestions about my post are highly appreciated. My deepest and warmest greetings to you. GOD bless always!

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