Las Farolas, The FISH World - Part 1

MyeDomain's Las Farolas, The Fish World-Part 1_facade
Las Farolas facade 

LAS FAROLAS or lighthouses in English was opened to public last April 24, 2013. An oceanarium, first of its kind in the world, that showcases different freshwater fishes, located at Frontera Verde, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, Philippines. It is a man-made haven intended to preserve and protect aquatic resources that are being threatened by extinction because of climate change or global warming and technology advancement in economy and industry leading to the destruction of their natural habitat.

Las Farolas, , the brainchild of HGB Moment PHilippines, Inc. and Ortigas and Company will propel the Philippines into the global map of tourist destinations as it steers the local tourism towards proactively answering the issues of the environment and its resources and becoming responsive to the needs of the society and the economy, in the manner that it promotes its conservation, preservation and sustainability while it serves as a solid platform for continuing research that benefits both the academe and the general public.

As an oceanarium, Las Farolas is a man-made marvel that aims to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience of the underwater wonders through the exhibition of rich freshwater biodiversity in a state-of-the-art environment that mimics the natural freshwater habitat.

Las Farolas takes the general public to the breathtaking ecosystem beneath, creating scientific knowledge and fostering appreciation. It is an interactive classroom that talks much of the aquatic life - its history and sophistication - and teaches sustainable means by which man can combat the threat of its extinction, through the many activities that the oceanarium offers.

MyeDomain's Las Farolas, The Fish World-Part 1_side wall design
Side wall design

Las Farolas, The FISH World - Part 1 / entrance to the museum
Entrance to the museum

Las Farolas, The FISH World - Part 1 / guarded premises
Guarded premises

Excerpts from the article written by CARLOS T. ARDOSA:

With a theme park concept, Las Farolas has been envisioned to propel the country into the global map of tourist destinations considering its state-of-the-art facilities which are at par with world standards.
Las Farolas is a brainchild of the late Don Rafael Ortigas and Moment Philippines Theme Park Planner and Management Corporation led by Henry G. Babiera. The two, with shared ideas of some members of the Ortigas family, brainstormed and eventually came up with the facility with a noble purpose. Don Rafael Ortigas, who had a vast collection of Filipiniana books, conceived the incorporation of the cultural landmarks into the facility with the book, "La Casa de Dios" as his basis. He also adopted the lighthouse idea from "Sentinel of the Sea" book which was part of his personal Filipiniana book collections.
Babiera, a staunch conservationist himself and currently the president of PHILZOOS, a national organization of zoo and aquaria operators in the Philippines and Philippine Country Representative to the Board of Directors of the Southeast Asia Zoo and Aquaria Association (SEAZA), explained the rationale behind the coining of Las Farolas, which in English means lighthouses. "If lighthouses were built as beacon to mariners, Las Farolas is a beacon to all, or pantawag-pansin, to take a look at the richness of our aquatic resources and our colorful history and culture."  
Las Farolas consists of two 2-storey hubs. The second floor of the hubs features biotops housing the freshwater exotic fishes. It also showcases replicas of prominent features of centuries-old churches in the Philippines, selected tribal and cultural artifacts, and houses of indigenous people in a diorama.
 Las Farolas was uniquely designed from the entrance to the interior. At the entrance are the imposing lighthouse and colorful artworks. As the guest enters the second floor, he goes through labyrinth-like and mysterious corridors as he views the freshwater exotic fishes.
MyeDomain's Las Farolas, The Fish World-Part 1_ Las Farolas world-class interior
 Las Farolas world-class interior

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Las Farolas' primary goal is to save these FISHES for future generation's to see and enjoy.

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