Keeping the Contours of your Body Even With a Surgery Aftermath

It’s always been a woman’s top priority to maintain a perfect figure not because she wants to be delightfully pleasing to others but because she wants to feel good about herself.  Women of today are highly aggressive and spirited especially when it comes to getting fit and fabulous.  Size and age seem to count but the way she carries herself overtakes significantly.

But there are factors that may reshape a woman’s current persona and no matter how much she cares to keep an impressive body, it will turn unattractive due to pregnancy and corrective or enhancement surgery.

In this regard, any attire will perfectly fit you with an equally perfect undergarment like the Slimming Camisole from AnnetteOnline.

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This revolutionary camisole has special features that will favour both function and style:

  •  You can wear your favourite bra underneath this cami
  •   It has an inner invisible belt with four levels of adjustments for firmer control on tummy area
  • Automatically adjust as you slim down
  •  Made of smooth, sleek micro-fiber
  • 89% Nylon and 11% Lycra

You can now enjoy the luxury of wearing flattering wardrobes without  too much pressure in achieving the same curves you always have. With the birth of this innovative shape wears, you can be rest assured of the comfort and support they offer to your advantage.


  1. i have that camisole but i only wore it twice or thrice and i gave up, can't breath and eat well while wearing it lol,

  2. Bring trim and fit always keeps someone feeling good. That's why we should always work at it.

  3. Oh I want to have this undergarment as a Christmas present!I will definitely feel good about having one.

  4. This might be a good christmas gift to my girlfriends.

  5. I can't breathe when wearing anything tight and fit so I can't buy a camisole like this even if I want to. :(

  6. I've tried camisoles similar to this but Joy's comment affirmed the similarity of my experience with them. They look good on others though.

  7. Guess I'll be needing this as I already gained 16lbs in one year. :(

  8. I tried having one this once. But I find it really hard to breath. haha! Maybe I got a smaller size for my body. Tsk!


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