Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage in my right eye
 in my right eye
Being highly myopic and highly astigmatic, I'm compelled to wear toric contact lenses. Glasses are safer but lenses are more comfortable. I've been using them for decades and fortunately, I've encountered no serious complications for long-term use except last week when my right eye got red. 

Actually, it's my sister who first noticed redness in the right corner of my right eye. I did not feel any pain or itchiness. I was alarmed when I saw it totally red upon waking up the following morning. I didn't suspect it was a sore eye but I still went to clinic and had it check.

It's my first time to be diagnosed with a so called, subconjuctival hemmorrhage. I was advised not to wear lenses for a week or two until the redness disappear completely.

What is Subconjunctival Hemmorhage?
It is similar to an ordinary bruise on the skin - it's like a bruise of the eye. It usually appears as a single, concentrated spot of red, or many scattered red splotches, on the white of the eye. The redness is blood under the conjunctiva, a clear membrane that covers the white of the eye (called the sclera) and the inner eyelids.

Seeing a subconjunctival hemorrhage on your eye can be alarming. Yet it is actually a common minor occurrence. It is almost always harmless and will heal on its own. It does not affect vision and generally does not cause pain. There are usually no sensations or symptoms, other than the appearance of the red spot. In fact, you may not even be aware that you have a subconjunctival hemorrhage until someone points it out or you look in the mirror. -Source

What are the causes?
The conjunctiva contains nerves and many small blood vessels. These blood vessels are usually barely visible but become larger and more visible if the eye is inflamed. These blood vessels are somewhat fragile and their walls may break easily.
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Straining/vomiting
  • Increasing the pressure in the veins of the head, as in weight lifting
  • Eye rubbing or inserting contact lenses
  • Certain infections of the outside of the eye (conjunctivitis) where a virus or a bacteria weaken the walls of small blood vessels under the conjunctiva
  • Medical disorder causing bleeding or inhibiting normal clotting.
  • A sudden increase in blood pressure. -Source

I am hypertensive and I take my maintenance medication daily but the doctor told me that it may shoot up due to strenuous activities. I do household chores but that's a daily routine. The culprit maybe my lenses that need replacement... or maybe, I lifted something heavy. Whatever the cause, I just have to be cautious from now on. 

Diagnosed with Cystic Follicle

TVS diagnosis
Every woman should know her reproductive system not only because it is an essential part of existence but for purposes of prevention and treatment of possible diseases that may be encountered in a lifetime.

Being a woman and mother, I'm aware that as I grow older, I will experience a lot of changes, psychological or physical. I passed the stage of adolescence and puberty long time ago. I've already enjoyed the gift of conception and pregnancy. And now, I'm entering a new chapter... my middle age.

A sudden change in my menstrual flow compelled me to see my OB-Gyne. I discussed some details in this post. My latest TVS also showed a Cystic Follicle in my left ovary. Dra. Legaspi told me that there's nothing serious about it. It's just an egg that had not ruptured. Nevertheless, I should undergo TVS after 3 months and see if the cyst gets smaller.

What is Cystic Folllicle or Follicular Cyst?
It resembles a bubble that contains fluid and is surrounded by a thin wall. It is considered a simple cyst or non-cancerous one. Women of all ages may have this kind of functional cyst because it occurs normally and disappears on its own.

"If a follicle fails to rupture and release the egg, the fluid remains and can form a cyst in the ovary. This usually affects one of the ovaries. Small cysts (smaller than one-half inch) may be present in a normal ovary while follicles are being formed."-Source

Follicular cysts are mostly painless and harmless with no serious complications, however if the cyst becomes large and ruptures, a woman may experience the following: - Source

  • there may be pain, pressure, or bloating in the low abdomen
  • nausea, vomiting, tenderness in the breasts, or a change in length of the menstrual cycle
  • can put pressure on the bladder or bowels. This can cause a woman to feel like she needs to use the bathroom.
  • if accompanied by fever or nausea, seek medical treatment immediately

My TVS result showing a cystic follicle
My TVS result showing a cystic follicle

What is Adenomyosis

If I remember it right, I've never had abnormal menstrual flow. My monthly period comes on a regular basis but last month, I experienced prolonged menstrual bleeding. I felt so apprehensive that's why, on the eve of my birthday, I have to see an OB-Gyne for consultation.

Since my former OB is now in Canada, my records are being turned over to Dra. Joanne V. Legaspi. She's also affiliated with The Medical City and Ardi Health Care Center. Dra. Legaspi advised me to undergo TVS (Trans-vaginal Ultrasound) for accurate diagnosis of my condition.

I took the ultrasound immediately. Thanks to my hubby who's always willing to accompany me in times like this.



I've been diagnosed with mild Adenomyosis. I had it long before my second childbirth but, I didn't feel any discomforts until I had this symptom of prolonged menstrual flow.

So, what is Adenomyosis?
It's is a condition that involves the movement (encroachment) of endometrial tissues, which normally line the uterus, into the muscles of the uterus. 

          Adeno - Greek term for gland
          myo     - means muscle
          osis      - means condition

While the exact cause of adenomyosis is unknown, there are factors that put women at greater risk for the condition. These include:
  • being in your 40s or 50s (before menopause)
  • having children
  • having had uterine surgery, such as for a cesarean section or to remove fibroids (Mayo)

What are the symptoms?
Symptoms of this condition can be mild to severe. Some women may not experience any signs at all. The most common symptoms include:

  • prolonged menstrual cramps
  • spotting between periods
  • heavy menstrual bleeding
  • longer menstrual cycles than normal
  • blood clots during menstrual bleeding
  • pain during sex
  • tender abdominal area

Dra. Legaspi prescribed Tranexamic and Mefenamic Acid (both 500mg). I took 2 capsules of the former and 1 of the latter three times a day for three days and fortunately, the bleeding stopped.

NOTES: Medical referrence - Healthline and Wikipedia

KIKO is Turning Five

Five years back, I glanced at this cute chubby face for the very first time. From day one up to this writing, he never fails to amuse me... the way he thinks and speaks out his thoughts, the way he moves and reacts to situations. He has this prominent character that makes our lives more interesting and tiresome at the same time.

Newly born Kiko
Newly born Kiko
I was bound to be a mother for the last time with him and I will surely miss being pregnant and feel the first trimester hang-ups. Having three wonderful kids is a treasure itself. Being a mother is priceless.

Looking for a nanny is no longer relevant. I can't imagine anybody to take care of him other than myself. It's not that he's so dependent on me as normal kids do with their moms but, I guess I'm the one who is dependent on him.

Few weeks ago, he thought of sleeping with his Kuya KD. For the first time, he's out of our bed. My husband and I were unable to sleep soundly. Maybe, we are not used to be separated with Kiko at night. It seems that I am not ready for it, yet. I need more time to prepare myself for that kind of adjustment.

The 2-night trial ended when Kiko suddenly felt an ache in his mouth and he had to wake up in the middle of the night, knocked at our room's door just to tell me that he's not feeling well. That's when he got back to our bed and slept with us again. He needed me... he still longs for a mother's touch, my TLC.

My Toddler Artist

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you probably knew KIKO and his little milestones from being an adorable baby to a smart little toddler. I was able to document some of his "little big moments" in these following posts:

Kiko's Nursery Report Card
Kiko's Nursery Report Card
He started to attend school as early as 2 1/2 years old. He's good in written examinations but according to his moderators from pre-nursery and nursery classes, he's quiet and seldom participated actively in discussions. I guess this greatly affected his class standing.  He got an average of 88.97 which could have been higher.

Anyways, Kiko is just turning 5 this coming June so there's a long, long way to go for this young kiddo to develop his skills and abilities.

Kiko's vision of our floor plan
Kiko's vision of our floor plan
Colors and shapes are amongst his line of interest. He would always get his color pencils or markers to draw anything.

He loves to doodle and scribble like any normal growing kid his age but his art works seem to amaze me because he prefers the unconventional. Plain and simple kinda bore him.

Painting using water color is another hobby of this little master. There's this one place in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City called Kiddy's Arts Town that he regularly visits where his creativity and artistry are being utilized. His favorite, Rubber Art Color painting where he will choose a drawing pattern and fill it up with different colors. Afterwards, it will be cooked in the oven for 30 seconds and cooled it off with water.

Believe It or Not - RUMORS of the Past Part 1

These are only few of the controversial issues about famous people and intriguing facts about historical events that may fascinate your senses as I am overwhelmed by the thought of traveling back in time... if only I have the power.

Not every detail of the past had  been written or documented. There are missing links that keep challenging our intellect up to this time. Countless mysteries that will remain unknown and inexplicable.

-According to Ms Sylvia Rhue's post in Huffington:

"Over 16,000 books have been written about Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president. Many of these books either allude to or specifically report on Lincoln's ambiguous relationships with men. Lincoln lived with and shared a bed with Joshua Speed for four years, and they remained friends years after they no longer lived together. He also had a close relationship with Captain David Derickson, who would stay with Lincoln overnight at the Soldier's Home (a retreat from the White House) when Lincoln's wife Mary left town. There were reports of Captain Derickson wearing Lincoln's nightshirt, and Lincoln has been quoted as saying, with a "twinkle" in his eye, "The captain and I are getting quite thick."

Although he fathered four children with Mary Todd, Lincoln's sexuality became a subject for debate of historians and scholars. His intimate relationship with men was believed to be an example of  "the closeting history" -such mystery and secrecy of historical figures like that of the 16th US President Abe Lincoln should be suppressed and hidden.

SELFIE Here, SELFIE There, SELFIE Everywhere

The world is a place where humans and everything around live and interact freely. It's a huge expanse of varied cultures and races. People are more susceptible to change that will greatly improve the quality of life.

Now, Earth is considered to be not only a planet for shelter but a global village where mankind enjoys the comforts and luxuries of living.

As technology flourishes, everything seems to be achievable and possible. Information, experiences and new discoveries are within reach faster then ever. Geographical distance is no longer a hindrance to know people from around the world.

Communications become easier and more convenient. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the world is now an open book that anybody can see and read in just a few clicks away.

So, what's the "in" thing today? I mean there's a word circulating practically in every corner of the planet. Celebrities do it. Politicians do it as well and even the most powerful and influential personalities like US President Barack Obama and His Highness Pope Francis enjoy it.

Do the "selfie" shot!

SELFIE means a photo taken by oneself using a hand-held digital camera, webcam or smartphone.

It levels up to a group selfie where the photo taker is part of the portrait.

Most people are overwhelmingly delighted to create and share their selfie photographs in various social networking sites. Some of which are dubbed to be most tweeted and shared like that of Ms Ellen DeGeneres' epic Oscars Twitter Selfie. It's being retweeted 3.4M times and favorited 2M times and counting. The popularity of selfie in the online world goes viral that even dogs do it. LOL!!!

Mosquito - the Deadliest Animal in the World

Photo not mine

Causing more than 2 million deaths every year, the deadliest animal in the world is mosquito.

This little irritating flying creature is a nuisance that bites. It carries harmful and even fatal illnesses and considered to be public enemy number one in the fight against global infectious disease. According to National Geographic:

“Mosquitoes use exhaled carbon dioxide, body odors and temperature, and movement to home in on their victims. Only female mosquitoes have the mouth parts necessary for sucking blood. When biting with their proboscis, they stab two tubes into the skin: one to inject an enzyme that inhibits blood clotting; the other to suck blood into their bodies. They use the blood not for their own nourishment but as a source of protein for their eggs. For food, both males and females eat nectar and other plant sugars.
They transmit disease in a variety of ways. In the case of malaria, parasites attach themselves to the gut of a female mosquito and enter a host as she feeds. In other cases, such as yellow fever and dengue, a virus enters the mosquito as it feeds on an infected human and is transmitted via the mosquito’s saliva to a subsequent victim."